ever fight stoned??

Discussion in 'General' started by cantstopwontsto, Aug 27, 2003.

  1. have u ever fought someone while u were stoned?? did u get ur ass kicked cuz of it?
  2. never have, im always chilled when i toke
  3. i was in a *fight* in 9th grade (or was it 8th, or 11th? nvm.) and i was stoned as fuck, ya know, when you can barely walk, but need to look normal so you end up walking all crooked, and sideways and shit, and i go to puch the guy (was the wrong person anyways) and fell square on my ass and couldnt get up. it was a feeling like when you spin around in your chair for 5 minutes and then try to walk.
  4. man I haven't even been in a fight since I was a wee 'un.
  5. many, I try and stay away from fights but its just so much fuckin adrenaline
  6. i never have, im too mellow to fight while im fucked on anything

    sometimes ive thought fighting would be fun when on vicodin, who knows, its painless, and if u break something, hey ..u got more painkillers

    if anything it would be fun to watch ..probably be like 2 cripples in a brawl (i dont kno about u but im not exactly as agile as a cat when i rail 2 or 3 vicodin)
  7. I never fight when im stoned or drunk, but my friend always wants some sort of fight when hes drunk. Last ime i was just standing around when he comes and tackles me from behind and i fall onto the fucking stone floor. Then him and my other friend start fighting adn one of them ends up crippled on the floor holding his nuts with a bleeding nose, heheh, dumb drunks.
  8. yes.. practically every fight i've been in....

    the weed goes away when you system is flooded with adrenilin whilst beasting the ever living shit out of someone....

    plus.. im a nice guy...:) but sometimes...when i get angered alot ( ie: some one hitten a girl, hitten on my gf, messing with my family. and my dogs...etc...) i snap..... freak out and can't control my self....i just get blinded by rage.... not that its a good thing... but once in a blue moon it happens....

    like mike from slc punk... just not as hardcore...lol
  9. The Art of Fighting Without Fighting, as protrayed by Sensei Bruce Lee in Operation Dragon, is at everyone's reach.

    I have been tought how to fight (read i have learn martial arts) and have never(*) had to use these skills. stoned or not.

    But I have noticed that when stoned, people facing me back off quite easily, whereas when I'm not stone, I always have to talk my way out of the fight.

    My girl told me that when stoned and attacked/bothered by somebody, My art actualy emerge from my body language, although I have made a point in hiding it.

    I actually had, and won the fight, but that is something I am not proud of.
  10. i have never been in a real fight, i am a pretty easy guy to get along with and i am very patient. the only fights i have been in had set rules and were just for fun. and i was drunk, quite drunk. we were both hurting in the morning, there were no winners we just quit when we had enough. i have come close to real fights while stoned but they were always resolved peacefully
  11. nope, never
  12. i have a better chance fighting drunk then stoned. When i'm stoned i dont feel like fighting, but one time my friend wanted to horse around, and boy did i get my ass wupped. for some reason you fight better when your smashed... prolly the alcohol numbs ur body or something.
  13. I been is some bar fights in the past,
    Love to fight the drunks when im high and i never look for it.
    I dont drink so when i go with friends some dude seem to bump me and give me some kind of look like if im going to back down.
    Drunks cant fight,smoke weed!
    Id rather mellow out now that im over 30, I was a punk 16 years ago hanging with the wrong people.
  14. I've been close to fighting one of my "friends" while stoned and buzzing from alcohol. Wasn't quite drunk, yet. The motherfucker just doesn't know when enough is enough and I was about to teach him not to fuck with me, but our friends seperated us before it got nasty.
  15. ooo, when i was in grade 9, i got totally stoned one day sittin at a playground. just finished an eighth and stood up, and here someone yell "yo, is adam over there"

    yea! i reply, and walk over. turns out its my bud sean, hes with this kid i wanted to fight a while back but he bitched out, and now hes like totally down for fighting. i wasnt at all. i was sooooo blazed and just not in the mood, specially since the kid was all pumped up already.

    anyways, hes trying to get me to fight him, punches me in the arm. totally weak. does it again, again it was weak. finally he throws another, i can tell hes using all his force and effort, and it goes right inbetween my arm and my chest. (mind you i didnt try to dodge, and hes right infront of me, he just missed)

    so out of nowhere i throw a left, knock the kid sideways. while his heads turned i grab his shirt with my left hand, and threw him about a minute worth of fury straight to his face/head.

    eventually some of his buds stopped the fight, i called him a bitch, told him that was the gayest fight ive ever been in or seen, and went off to regail my buds of tails of ass kickings in the park...
  16. I don't fight... There is no need. I'm mellow as jello!!!
  17. oh man, a good fight feals awesome.

    aslong as you win. nothing feals better. my life record is 9-0 ;) yeeeeeah, not a big guy or even a very good fighter, just seem to have lucked out.

    plus its good to take a few shots now and then. one day i was at a bus stop and 4 guys came up and beat the shit out of me. kinda sucked. but i just smoked 9 gs so it was all good. anyways i didnt really care, just toughens you up, plus its a cool story to tell.... sorta?? hahaha.

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