Ever fell this way?

Discussion in 'General' started by Oldschool, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Hey have u guys when your high fell like your on a rollercoaster.When im high and im jus chillen with my friends if i close my eyes i fell like im on a rollercoaster like i get dizzy and sh*t
  2. haha i feel like i'm stretching and doin backflips, its pretty weird.
  3. i love the feeling like your doing backflips, or just falling backwards endlessly. I usually only get it after multi bong bowls though
  4. I always feel like there is a huge magnet right above me and is lifting me upward. It's fucked up, but cool.
  5. i always get that fall down feeling. if i'm just standing there or sitting there and i close my eyes. my imagination takes control and feels really vivid. like i'm falling in a certain direction. i dunno if it's just me but it seems like that takes away from my high. like, "pretending like you're falling" kills my buzz a little. anyone else know what i mean?
  6. when i was really really stoned, i'd close my eyes to get that kinda all over the place feeling, and end up falling over, cos i;d sit there slowly moving ot the side or front or back. lol
  7. This town near mine has these HUGE windmills on this hill. Theres like, probably at least 25 of them, and they're probably a hundred to two hundred feet tall. They're crazy as hell.

    But back to the point, everyone always blazes up there. Me and my friend were out there the other day smoking and I was standing at the base of the windmill looking up late at night. I'd try to follow one blade all the way around and move my head with it and shit, and I felt like I was on a rollercoaster. My equilibrium was off like crazy. I'd stumble around until I put my head down.
  8. i dont normally smoke tobacco so when i smoke cigs i feel like im falling, but with weed i dont feel any of that stuff
  9. when i do wake and bakes i usually get that felling... ill just lay down on a bed on my back and i feel like im floating. I also get that feeling when i've smoked too much haha :)
  10. man it's fun getting stoned to the point you can't stand up! It's like I lean really really far forward and then I correct it..but I go reaaaally far back...
  11. I always close my eyes when I'm stoned, it's awesome heh. It does feel like I'm on a rollercoaster too.
  12. word, one time after i drained a new lighter blazing g bongs all night i was taking a piss and passed out, hah i came to a sec later and i was like where the fuck am i haha ggood times

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