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Ever Feel The Same Way?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by popbottles819, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. way seasoned toker just ,, saying tho,,, ever think about how much you smoke in a week???? i havent smoked every single day and i dont plan to for psychological reasons to stay a sober mind once in a while,,,,,,,, i drink beer / shots and smoke (classified as partying to me) ,,, does anyone else think smoking weed day after partying ,, makes me think about my health / both psychical and psychological ??????? just a question i was thinking about if you have time please read this and answer for me :bongin:  :bongin:  :smoking:  

  2. I often think about my health when I'm stoned, but I put that down to paranoia and the fact that weed in general makes me think more. It can be pretty intense when I'm baked, but ehhh.. it's cool.
  3. I've been smoking daily for about 3 years.  Recently I started up a t-break.  I noticed my "wit" is quicker, and it's easier to be social and talkative.  Usually when I smoke daily, even when I'm not high I keep to myself and over think things.  It's not the weed but underlying anxiety issues.  Tons of ghosts in my closet.
    It's weird as hell being sober though, almost like being high
  4. Yeah I do but then I think about how little everybody else around me at school and in public think about their health or what they're doing too. I try to counter act it by eating fruit and drinking water when the opportunity arises. If you think about health at all even though you drink and smoke, you're probably healthier than most of your peers.
  5. Wait... what? Your sentences are confusing. You're saying that the day after a party, you start thinking about your health while smoking weed? 
    I guess that's normal. Drinking always makes me feel like shit, so the day after I always think, "Fuck, why did I do that." But weed alone doesn't do that. I actually am fairly "health-conscious" as is--I eat healthy and am pretty active. I don't actually like inhaling smoke, so I use a vaporizer as well. You can be a healthy stoner! 
  6. There's alot of things i get concerned about when i get baked. It actually almost ruined toking for me but i've gotten over it. I was always afraid i was gonna have a heart attack/stroke. I also worry about my digestive system issues as i learned they can lead to cancer and i have it pretty severe. Idk i guess i'm just paranoid but that comes with the territory of being a psychotic bi polar.

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