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Ever Feel Guilty About Buying Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by goosex, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. I do not currently have a job, but I go to my grandma's every week and do work around her house for her, and after about 5 hours she will give me $30. Now, I'll always end up turning around spending that money on weed. But I feel guilty right after I purchase it, and I don't know why. It's my money, she gave it to me, and it's not because I'm taking money from my grandma, because she's loaded lol. But I always end up feeling guilty. Why is this? I've only spent about $100 of the money I made from her in the past month or so on weed. 
    Any and all answers welcomed, thank you!

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    The reason why you're feeling guilty is because your grandma gave you that earned money, I used to feel guilty but then I remember that money is meant to be spent, not worry about what others think of my purchase.
  3. No way, why would I feel guilty?
    Maybe you feel guilty bc you are using the money she gave for weed when she likely is against the use of weed
  4. Wow dude, thanks. That actually helped me feel a lot better about spending my money. I mean, it is my money. Thanks again
  5. No. And I never felt guilty for stealing it or getting busted for it either.
  6. not even remotely 
  7. i'd feel more guilty if I smoked all the weed i bought in one day. You earned it.
  8. You worked hard for that money, after you worked hard you deserve a reward. $20 goes to weed, $7 goes to a big mac meal, $3 for desert.  :yummy:
  9. dont mean to be harsh its cus your a goody two shoes who is too good plus ur grandma is really fucking you with the 30 dollar per 5 hours what is that? why dont u just apply to landsacaping or work at a hardware store its like going to school fo the first time  its awkward but then u make friends n shit hey maybe ull meet  astoner buddy or better yet a stoner girl we all want one of those dont we?
  10. Yeah sometimes I feel guilty, but then I just snort a couple lines and the guilt goes away and I can get back to pimpin. Grandma!!
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    Hell naw, I know it sounds cliche but I feel like I'm "sticking it to the man" whenever i pick up.
    Edit: ^^ Also, "Goody two shoes"? What? Is this a elementary playground? Good for him if he does his grandma's yardwork, that's being a responsible grandson not a "goody two shoes"
  12. Nope!   I grow my own   :)  
  13. shouldn't steal karma's a bitch... no really my friend has a female dog named karma she is tech a bitch
  14. oh i have had it stolen from me too! I have had my share of karma i know its a bitch
  15. Nope, and I've done some fucked up shit for drugs too. Life is yours, do as you please.
  16. I used to use a ton of money my parents would give me as spending money as a teen on weed.
    When it was an occasional thing it wasn't a big deal but I felt guilty when I was like 16/17 smoking all the time and spending a lot of my own and their money on weed.
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    Naw man, think about. As a good friend of mine once said, "Having a girlfriend who does drugs sucks. You have to buy double of everything from then on!"

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