Ever driven while tripping?

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  1. People always say not to drive while tripping, but I've never had a problem with it. I get hyper-focused on driving and actually do better than usual (confirmed by a sober friend with me). This is on 200 mcgs mind you. Anyone else here good at driving while tripping? Everyone I know who's done it never had any trouble.
  2. tripping on...?
    I think when you're high you are actually aware that you have to pay attention when driving, and you do really well. I'm probably more dangerous delivering pizza than driving high.
  3. lol I got 30 mins?
  4. I drove about 6 hours from Ohio to Michigan on Labor Day still tripping from the copius amounts of acid I ate this weekend at a music festival (Gratefulfest). I did pretty well, but I was paranoid as shit because cops were everywhere and people were driving like jackasses.
  5. I've driven on mush, lsd, 2cb... Never had a problem if I try to focus, you really have to work on not getting distracted. 2cb was the easiest, lsd and mush are harder because even if you're paying attention to the road, you can still easily get lost in your mind. I find having music playing loud helps me focus so I can't easily hear the crazy trippng thoughts running through my head.
  6. Yeah, I can imagine you guys driving down a street, all fucked up on salvia, and you're running down pedestrians for extra points. ...I'm staying my happy ass off the road lol
  7. ive driven on shrooms a few times, and it was actually really fun
  8. I've driven on shrooms and lsd, and both I was totally fine with. then again, cars are like second-nature to me, I've found I'm fine driving, no matter what condition I'm under..
  9. I have driven while coming down off shrooms and while coming up on acid, def. trippy but not while during the peak. It wasn't hard if you focus on driving.
  10. I drove while on salvia one night. Not a good idea. Nothing happened but I ended up driving down the road with knees with my eyes closed. It was a road that I drive down every day all the time and when I closed my eyes it was like I was looking through my eyelids at the road except the road was nothing but outlines made of neon lights. Worst decision I've made in a long time.
  11. just took a road trip with my gf from seattle to pullman, i took 6 hits, she took 5. best time, road trips are so amazing under the influence of lucy, beautiful time.
  12. ive drove towards the later portion of 2 of my acid trips, pretty easy actually, fun also.
  13. I had a good friend that drove like a godamn god when tripping. I was always impressed, and many a nights I can't believe I got home in one peice. But I always trusted him so I guess that's what counts
  14. i drove tripping balls on mushrooms not that long ago, and i was just thinking; "what are these other cars doing on the road? are they out of their minds! im tripping balls!!"
  15. tripping while driving is not nearly as bad as people say...i think tripping and smoking bud while driving is a very bad idea lol.
  16. i think tripping while driving is terrible. im good for nothing when im tripping. i went to magic kingdom while tripping and almost jumped off the boat in the piarates of the carribean. crazy.
  17. ive never done it, but my brother has drove on shrooms and he ended up driving on peoples lawns and ended up getting a dui.

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