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Ever cut your own hair?

Discussion in 'General' started by DreamAwake, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. My hair was sorta long (6 months since a haircut) and I was looking in the mirror and like "nahhhhh....that's gotta go"...especially with school coming up on thursday.

    So I start snipping thinking I'm just gonna cut a little but then I'm like "no way I can't stop now" and end up giving myself a whole haircut. Other than some skin spots it actually looks pretty damn good. Usually I wear a hat or beanie anyway so it's not a big deal (the skinspots) and I'm proud of myself. I gave myself a pretty damn good haircut. All considering.

    Anyone ever cut their own hair? A lot easier than I thought it'd be.
  2. I used to but now I really dont cut it period ;o

    Good work though
  3. Plenty, plenty times
  4. all the time.. just buzz the shit gone, then have my cousin line me up..

    you got some "skin spots"? how the fuck is that a good haircut? haha..
  5. I under shave my hair every week. I have a long pony tail but i keep the rest shaved to a zero. So yes!

  6. lol idk I just remember doing it when I was like 12 and completely fucking up. it was better this time i guess. its okay I wear a hat and theyll be gone in no time :confused_2:
  7. I used to buzz my head close to bald, but my head shape sort of looks like a penis without the foreskin so now I go to the barber
  8. in 3rd grade. lol my teacher was like what the fuck dude
  9. what do yall use to cut it?? is there a good way if you dont have all the legit barber tools?? i just got a really good shaver thing, and the trimmer works REALLY well, and i tried it on my head and it took a big chunk out.. how long do yall think i could use it before it starts damaging the little blades??

    i would LOVE to do my own head.
  10. in middle school and high school I gave myself bowl cuts, such shame hahahh fuck
  11. Yes, I do all the time.

    I haven't visited a hairdresser in months now, its so easy to cut your hair as well. All I use is a pair of very sharp scissors and they work magically.

    I just need to fine tune doing it and it'll be good.
  12. now what you talkin about? you talkin about just buzzin your head? cause then all you need is the clippers and the guards.. my cousin can fade himself but i cant do that, i just have him fade me if thats what im feelin at the time.. but most the time i just buzz my own head..

    all you do is pick a length and go to work.. you cant mess it up.. just keep goin over it until you got it all
  13. 14 guests lookin at this thread haha.. damn
  14. buzz it whenever it gets long, fuck paying 10$ for a haircut...
  15. This^^ i always cut my own hair, run the shaver all over so im near bald. Im really thin on top anyway so i have to.
  16. I pay 40 every 3-4 weeks :(
  17. Hell yeah man, I just use a buzzer with the guide set. I do my whole head the same length, then a little shorter on the sides. Take the guide off and trim up all the edges I can see and either do the back myself by feel or get a little help. Thinking about it now I need to trim soon, like tomorrow. Gotta be looking good going into the New Year.
  18. i just took some scissors and went ham on the motherfucker

    snip snip snip snip

    until it was all gone and i couldnt go no more

  19. Shid, that's cheap!
  20. I cut my own hair and sometimes my friend's hair at least once a week. I have a trimmer kit. It always looks good cause I've been doing it for 5 years.

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