Ever cried after a movie???

Discussion in 'General' started by SwissChris, Jul 12, 2004.

  1. Ok I am soooo high and I was watching ConAir and then at the end when Cameron gets back together with his family its like so beautiful and happy and I started crying...it was mad i say...
  2. yeah its ok to cry :), iv done so on very few movies but the ones I did I was usually on E-Zooms or weed
  3. wow dude Conair? come on...thats a fair movie n all but the acting aint too great you want a movie to cry about go see lord of the rings 3 thats the saddest movie ever made when he makes all those people charge at like 5 times as many orcs with arrows n shit and they all get slaughterd thats sad..
  4. Of Mice & Men.

    Seriously saddest move you will ever see.
  5. Romeo and Juliet

    And I didnt cry on the butterfly effect but that is the most dippressing movie around. good though

  6. Ditto. That's why I don't watch sad movies high anymore, I get too emotional if I'm stoned

  7. I cried reading the book and while watching the movie.
    sad sad sad.
  8. "Of Mice & Men.

    Seriously saddest move you will ever see" definately

  9. Lord of the Rings acting blows.. watch #3 while High.. kinda lame.
  10. i have a really fuckin funny video of some guy doing a gollum impression, jacking off. funny as fucking hell.

  11. lol that'd be funny but you want sad? watch cold mountain!
  12. is there a way i could post that video on this forum? its on my computer, not the internet...

  13. IM me on AIM, I'll put it on my webserver

  14. i cried in final fantasy 7 lol no i'm kiddin.. i heard a lot of people did though..
  15. man, movies i've cried in, lol well, cold mountain was def. a tear jerker. man, i can cry in a commercial. i've even had tears rollin down my face after watching trading spaces. i'm just so damned excited and happy for them.

    but the best was when the hubs cried in terms of endearment;)
  16. my ex-gf cried when we watched cold mountain.
  17. lol @ conair. i cried after gladiator. :(
  18. ever seen taht John Candy movie? only the lonley i think... :(... that one made me cry... :(...
  19. i remember reading of ice and men in highschool, then seeing the video. i didn't make me cry, but i imagine it's the saddest movie i've ever seen.

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