Ever chopped wood yourself?

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  1. You're out in the middle of nowhere in a cabin in the woods. You grab an axe and chop down a tree to gather firewood. Then you lay them down over each other and light a fire. What do you do now? What did you do?

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  2. Smoke a joint or three while roasting some marshmallows while looking at the stars through a window.
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  3. I had a cabin in the mountains of Western NM that was heated totally by wood. After you get your fire going you gaze into it for a few minutes then start dinner. After dinner you smoke some more, gaze into the fire some more then go to bed and make love to your woman. Then you get up the next day and chop some more wood.
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  4. chop more firewood, I was always told to chop 3x's the amount I would need to make it through whatever stretch of time i would be out. Next would be sourcing water and food. After that, establishing a garden of some kind would be my priority.
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