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Ever been to Cannabis Cup???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Erich420, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. I was wondering if anyone here has ever been to cannabis cup?
    cause I get to go this year and I wanted to hear some other peoples experiences.
  2. man, that sounds awesome, I haven't been personally, but I've read up on it a lot, and I plan on going next year. Have fun!
  3. i wish. how did you get so lucky?
  4. i went last year
  5. Nah, never been....always wanted to.....I'm gonna be going next year as LLLAAATTTEEE b-day present (b-days in march hahahaha)

    Have fun man, get some pics!!!!:smoke:

  6. is that all you have to say about it??
  7. i dont remember much
    my memory is a little hazy
    i wonder why
  8. :laughing:
  9. Thats right alex you just happend to wake up in amsterdam that forum was classic, yah right..Anyways how much would this setback 2 ppl, if im going im not going by myself, need to bring one homeboy with me from the states.
  10. Check out this company, I was going to go with them this year along with a couple of my buddies but due to financial problems it is most likely delayed til next year. :eek:
  11. I really wanna go this year so i can see Devin The Dude perform and everything but i have no one to go with and i dont wanna go by myself. My girl said i could go without here cause she thinks i'ma be in tha red light district so i might have to wait til next year i hope not tho.
  12. I've actually heard it's better to go to Amsterdam when the Cannabis Cup isn't going on. That way you avoid a huge amount of stupid tourists, and you won't be treated as just another dumb tourist at a coffeeshop. Plus, you spend more money by participating in the Cup, but don't even get to judge a huge variety. Not to mention winter is definitely not a great time to visit Europe.
    If you're planning on having a good time and not wasting money, stay at a cheap hostel during the spring or summer (for good weather), and you can check out a bunch of coffeeshops without them all being crowded. I had a few friends who did that this past summer and they got to visit a lot of different coffeeshops, and everyone working there was friendly since they don't have to deal with too many people.
  13. yea, phatrick your right, its definitly a great place to go when the cup isnt going on, but as a stoner who doesnt want to goto the cup right? ive had the chance to visit many of hollands coffeeshops (since im living in germany), in and out of amsterdam, so if you have the opporunity definitly do it. Europe is amazing in most all of the seasons to me (but im weird...for the fact that I love winter) but Holland is especially beautiful in the spring.

    i guess it all depends on how important the occasion of the cup is to people.

    im headed there next year, i was going to head up there this year but im headed back to the states for awhile, and its gonna be easier with connections and roots now in europe, so it wont be as expensive as the groups that offer travel packages for the cup. cant wait for it though.

  14. :eek:

    Why didn't I know about those awesome Trip Packages. The Boss sounds like a hell of a wonderful time.

  15. lol its my mom's next 3 birthday/xmas present to me

  16. and thats what I got sense I pissed away my next 3 birthdays and xmas I figured I better go all out

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