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Ever been robbed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OutlawToker227, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Me too!
  2. Back in my freshman year of high school I forgot to lock my PE locker before I went off to gym class and came back to find that somebody had taken my pack of gum and $2. Interestingly, my phone had been in that pocket as well...That was earliest experience (I went to a sheltered, private school before high school). I was just glad that they didn't take my phone. :D
  3. I'm sorry I did that to you
  4. Leaning a bar with a friend( last call cause that's how I rolled) and a car stops in the middle of the street. 3 black guys with guns( probably 17-21) get out rush us and say give it up.

    Granted its last call and I'm broke as a motha. So I got this little fuck with his grand daddy's musket in my face and I'm wasted! So I start swinging like a dumb ass. Missed every punch. The guy in front of me that I'm swinging at backs into a wall and turns his gun around and babe Ruth's my ass.

    They ran of and got back in their cars empty handed but if dudes gun wasn't so fucking old. I probably wouldn't be able to retale this stupid senseless story.

    On a side not my friend got his wig split too. I was so drunk when the police show up I was laughing at my friend crying like a little girl.

    He's twice my size and tatted up like wooooah.

    Funny but not.:(
  5. Yup lost a zip...
  6. I want to hear some stories too haha
  7. well, First 20 bag I bought 2 days after getting into weed(which shoulda been like 2-2.5gs where Im from) the guy who got it for me kept 10 bucks bought a gram took .5 of it and gave me .5, not to bad compared to some of the ones on here just a piss off when i found out
  8. After going to the vapour lounge we were going to the park to blaze more round two my bf and I. I needed to stop for gas though so I did. There was this shady dude talking to my bf as he filled up gas and my bf was wearing a "Free Marc Emery" hoodie so it was clear that we were stoners. Anyways this guy tries to get a ride from us and made up some story (I don't remember the story) so he gets in the back seat. I didn't realize that my plastic box of joints had fell to the back seat on the ground. He asked if we had any weed and if we could sell him some. We said no we don't wanna sell. He said oh that's ok. Then got out of the car at his destination. We realized our box of joints were gone. There were at least 8 joints in there. We've been robbed! I was so mad.
  9. That aint robbery, thats theft! LMAO
  10. Why give a shady stranger a ride?
  11. I don't know what the hell my boyfriend was thinking. I would never even talk to a shady stranger. I felt uncomfortable when he was in my car.
  12. Are you saying someone tried to roll you with a musket...?
  13. Hah Malibus Most Wanted
  14. How can u smell a set-up from a person ur selling to ???
    How can u smell that undercover cops are on ur trail ???

  15. If they have a gun they are gunna rob me no matter g
    What i do. I said that because im a big dude and most people would think twice before stepping to me :p
  16. If someone tried to rob me without a peice I would beat the shit out of him, if someone robs me with a peice ill pay a few people to go and see him afterwards.
  17. Lol could of been. It was old as fuck lol
  18. I've had my place broken into before, not at my current crib but back home. Sucked, I had just gotten off a night audit shit and came home to find my bedroom window broken and open. I was hoping it had just happened so I could beat the living shit outta somebody, haha but I wasn't so lucky.

    They took my acoustic guitar, my friend's electric, and a few other things among which was a box of condoms(?). Went in, hid the smoking shit, and called the cops. Being burglarized sucks ass, so violating.

    Never been held at gun point before, fuck that shit.


    Amen yo, haha that's what I'm sayin'.
  19. Fuck yeah count me in

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