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Ever been robbed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OutlawToker227, Aug 17, 2012.

  1. Nope, never been robbed. Most the connects I get are friends of friends so I haven't ever got robbed in that way. But whenever I'm walking alone and I get a hint that someone might confront me, I just put my hand in my jacket to make it look like I have a strap, and it usually scares those pussies off lol.
  2. I used to work at a convenience store, so yeah... I've been robbed. But it wasn't my money, at least.
  3. this black kid tried to steal my ipod while I was cruising in the ghetto on my bike, I don't feel like explaining the whole story but I pretty much just kept riding my bike and he finally gave up
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  5. A couple of times when I would get skimped for bags of bud. My bro actually got robbed at knife point when he was younger. Fuck fake niqqas
  6. I mean I got a robbed a few times as a freshman because I was a small guy and the people I was buying off didnt even know me and thought they were hood *****s in suburbs.

    My favorite was when I was a senior and these 2 kids that dropped out tried to rob my house for a QP on a school day, coincidentally I decided not to go to school that day, and after they broke a window to get in and realized I was home, they ran away and both got a felony for it. And they were supposed to be "friends". Never trust people
  7. Yeah I got robbed again like 2 weeks ago I was at my dealers apartment and we smoked like 2 blunts and i left and when i walking to my car this dude walked up behind me and he ratchet his gun so i turn around and he said you know what this is empty your pockets, i was like i aint got shit so he put the pistol to my head and was like ill kill your ass right now cracker he took $40 my grinder, my phone, my license, and my debit card but i had like 3 grams bagged up in my pocket he didnt grab that haha he also tried to take my keys but i told him he was gonna have to kill me for them and as soon as i said that my dealer came out with his pistol and the dude that was robbing me took off me and my dealer chased his ass but this guy must have ran track or somthing cause he was hauling ass i just scratched it as a loss it was only $40 and i got an iphone 5 out of the situation haha
  8. I've been robbed more times than I can count for alot of different amounts. Lost $2500 one night. It's part of the game though. Came back even harder each time.

    I don't come on this board too often so I dont really know the new rules n shit, but I'm assuming you cant talk about dealing or smuggling? If I'm allowed I would tell some good stories.
  9. My so called friend got high at my house while I was blasted he stole my GTA:IV I was pissed off once I was sober. But reading these story's make me fell it was small change but it's about the principle
  10. My family doesnt get robbed. Last time that happened I chased the mofo down in my underwear (he was robbing my house while I was sleeping). He had a four block lead and I caught up to him. The police threw him on the ground and fucked him up. That it is why everyone should run long distance and do brazillian jiu jits zu.
  11. One time shortly after I graduated last year. I hit my guy up for a o and he calls me about a half hour later saying to me that it was hid cousins friend who I would be buying off of. Anyways I eventually meet this kid up at his place (in the ghetto) after I pick it up. Im walking back to my car and 2 guys with masks on with ak47s (I think) they stole my bud my galaxy s3 , they took my car, my wallet ($85) . I was scared out if my mind. I ran back into his house and told him. And he thought I was trying to fuck with him. We got back home and I called the cops and shit. Moral of the story : if your a skinny white guy dont go to the hood
  12. Yeah man. My first dealer I ever had robbed me when I was young and foolish. I was leaning into his car talking with then handed him £120 for a half ounce. The guy snatched it from my hands and drove off before I could even protest. Now I would never A) give the guy my money before I have the merchandise and B) Lean into the car; I get in and get comfy now, if they wanna try rob me when I'm in the car they would have to be stupid.

  13. Why exactly? May even be easier because they can pull a concealed weapon and nobody else but you would see....

    Gun pointed down, give me the money, get out my car..... profit. lol

    Got jacked giving some kid a bag, i deserved it and it changed me for the better. Counted my losses and never happened again. :smoking:
  14. Havent been robbed, although i thought i was going to once.

    I call up my guy and say I want an 1/8th, i drive over to his place and walk up to the door. Give a couple of knocks, this bitch (roomate) opens the door with a revolver in hand. So I'm just standing there like fuck this, i know this motherfucker isnt jacking me for $60.

    She like steps to the side of the door so I could walk in and she could close the door behind me and I wasnt having that lol.
  15. Well I havn't been robbed at gunpoint or anything like that but I have been duped outa 12 grams =/
  16. Lol in 10th grade, my second time buying weed i was getting a dime sack and the kid said he had to go get it and he never did. Funny shit, not even mad

    Aside from that I have never been robbed :D
  17. Love how people here say they'd beat the shit out of any fraudelent enterprisers.

    Good luck getting shot.
  18. This is how I handle it. No gun but robbed = Broken Arm. Gun/weapon= broken neck.
    Guns and weapons are for pussies. My family has never needed anything more than a baseball bat and we have handled people with weapons. Ever hear of kneecapping. They pull a gun on me and I'm within 10 feet they better know how to use it.
  19. Yo, I don't know about anybody else but I'd love to hear some stories:smoking:
    I fear you may be right about the rule thing tho... PM me a summarised transcript if you care to :smoking:
  20. Get me on the PM list also!!

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