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Ever been pulled over with your mmj?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by DrPhilosophy, May 11, 2012.

  1. The title says it all, just wna hear some stories of situations with cops when you have mmj. And what would be the best to do in those situations?
  2. i do not mention it unless they say something, and if they do i hand them my paperwork.
  3. ^^ Pretty much. Whether were talking mmj or anything else its always best to say the least amount possible.
    Though its not mmj lets not forget this valuable video.. if you havent seen it before, load up billy bong and sit back [ame=]BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters - YouTube[/ame]
  4. just use common sense and make sure to be respectful of the officer, dont talk back or try to get smart with the guy. Dont be driving around with a bunch of weed stinking up your car or in plain view. It's best to not even smoke in your car if you can help it as you'll get in trouble for driving while intoxicated.
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    I say be honest... U got caught man up.....
    unless u got it in sick ass hiding spot..

    And always be respectfull... It's 2012.. watever happens will be on camera somewhere lol.

    I been pulled over 3 time little amount bullshit 2 let me go.. 1 cop took a hit lol..

    Also I find it that the more clean and neat ur car is the less they fuk with you.. my truck always nice and clean and smelling beauitful haha not like dank tho like new car haha
  6. My friend got pulled over with me and 2 other friends in the car after coming back from the clinic. he searched the car and found all the marijuana and ended up giving it back and charging my friend with a knife ticket. The knife had a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker so it was supposed to be in a car.... oh well.
  7. Yes, LMAO, I have and it was hilarious! I was driving home after a long road trip and was super tired and was just about to pull over for a nap when I got pulled over for weaving. The cop asked if I had weed in the car. I froze for a second and said, "Yes, but Im a med patient." he asked me how much I had on me and I told him less than an ounce. He laughed and said "That's nothing, we can have up to 6 lb in this county." Then he asked for my license and registration. When I opened the glovebox to get it, a whole jar of weed rolled out,I pushed it back and it rolled out again. You probably had to be there but my husband and the cop were cracking up watching me scramble trying to get my papers and hide the weed I was still a little nervous about. All in all it was one of the nicest cops I'd ever met. He let me go without the ticket and told me where to stop for good coffee on my way out of town. Good cops in King County Ca.
  8. Thanks guys really appreciate it.
    Helping me get a good mindset in case i ever get pulled over
  9. This is kind of funny when there is an MMC right across the street from a police station in Denver.

    I say be respectful and show your paperwork only if it's brought up. Why would you immediately say I have cannabis when you are being pulled over for a speeding ticket?
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    once i was driving a on remote desert highway(rice road,CA) had a good amount of bud, my stemless bong and so i got the great idea to stop for a bong sesh with my buddy. We straight up hotbox the truck, finish and go about driving again. This road is in bumfuck egypt and we already passed one highway patrol man about 20 mins earlier. So Im cruising at about 75mph, which is more like 80+ since i recently had put bigger rims/tires on my truck without calibrating my speedometer. All the sudden i see another highway patrolmen out of no where, he wastes no time and flips a bitch and gets on my ass and pulls me over. The truck reeeks of weed and so im like damm, POKER FACE. I play the Sir game with the cop and he's checking all my shit, he obviously smells the weed. So he gets back from the car and starts to give me the ticket and he is talking to me. I go to ask him a question while he is talking and he's like "WHAT!???" I SHUT my mouth so fucking fast and was like "Nothing sir", then he's like, "Okay then!". Pretty much him telling me to stfu or this could get worse. I sign the ticket and pay the $300 fine for going 82 in a 65mph zone... i was so fucking stoked driving home i could care less about the ticket.

    Another time i was with the SAME buddy of mine (bad luck chuck :) )
    Its about 1:30am and im just giving him a ride home, thankfully i wasnt drinking or anything, but had a can of root beer in my cup holder. Cops passes by me and flips a bitch, so im like dam here we go, he pulls me over. My buddy had about .5g on him so i kinda worried but the truck didnt smell like bud. He gets all my info and pulls me out of the car, probably checking if i could walk. Common DUI time is 1-2am, he asks me what im drinking out of the can i show him that its rootbeer, he's cool with that. He then tells me why he pulled me over, a busted license plate light(got pulled over 3 times in 2 months) im like playing stupid and calling him sir, and he starts to call for backup then im like SHIT!!! still got my poker face and then out of nowhere i hear this LOUD muscle car revving in a giant parking lot near by...............then alll you hear is tire screeching, some dude is doing donuts and burnouts while the cop is questioning me. The cops calls for additional units to deal with the wreckless driver, but theyre taking forever and 5 minutes go by while this guy is doing burnouts. Im like sir you should go deal with him before he harms somebody or himself and the cop is yeah your right, just take your buddy home and get that light fixed.:hello::hello::hello: So i drive off with no tickets and smoke the bud when i get to buddys house out of celebration....

    Not sure if i have a good poker face, look innocent, or am just lucky as fuck but ive gotten away with it too many times. Also bad luck chuck has a horrible poker face and acts like he has something to hide so i tell him to shut the fuck up unless the cop is asking him a question.
  11. haha keep these stories coming.
    If we get enough it can prepare enough for almost any scenario
  12. Driving 65 in a 45. He smelt it as soon as I opened the window. I showed him my sac. Around a half o and my script. Let me go. Didn't even get the speeding ticket. So all the people that say cops are dicks. It probaly helps not to act like one our self
  13. Not all cops are dicks, just most of them. At least from personal experience, even here in CA.
  14. Good story mjmamma. I still have yet to use my med card withthe cops, but my friend said he was hotboxin somewhere in his car with a few other kids that didnt have cards. A cop ended up rollin up and knockin on the window, when he rolled it down smoke smacked the cop in the face, my friend had a big bubbler in his hand and a few bags of weed on his lap (everyone in the car tossed him their bud since he was legal). Cop told my friend to smash the bub, my friend said no, gave him the mmj card and the cop told them to leave and let them go scott free. God bless mmj

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