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ever been in love?

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Dr Jammin, Sep 29, 2003.

  1. have you guys ever really been in love? (plants dont count, not even very special ones) what is love to you?
  2. one word: energy.
  3. First Love.
    the feeling wasnt mutual and got used in a horrable way, lost trust in friends and females.

    Second Love (idk if you are gonna count this.)
    the world, the universe, the cosmos. complete open love to all. its far safer than focussed love on an individual.

    Third Love...

    there have been several here and there between where the feelings faded. most were probably just lust. its suprisingly easy to confuse love and lust.

    my second love continues on (and on some level so do first and third), and through this i feel love for everyone and everything.

    Let the Love of Logic, and the Logic of Love fill all.
  4. can a dog count coz I love my jessie id stop a bullet for her.
    she is my baby I think I might have to clone her.

  5. Animals definitely count! The love from a pet is the epitome of true love... they don't judge you, they don't hold grudges, they just love you for YOU!! That's love in its purest form...

    Of course, in reality, things don't work that way! Life gets in the way, and people change. I'm SO in love right now, but life is complicated.....

  6. LOL!!! That's what I meant, zonedude! I meant unconditional love..... LOL!!!!

  7. its near impossable to do it better justice in words.
  8. yeah. good work. heh.

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