Ever been in an accident high?

Discussion in 'General' started by Floydian_Slip, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. whats up everyone,

    I was driving baked the other day and i started thinking how much it would suck getting into a car accident blazed? It must be the worst feeling. I'm sure that would kill your buzz real quick but I'd be freaking out those first few minutes. Has this ever happened to anyone?
  2. yes. it equaled two felonies and two misdeanors. sucked ass man. worst day of my life. and to top it all off, while i was sitting in jail downtown, some fucker stole my two hundred CD case and cd player out of my car back at the scene. its like kicking me when im down.
  3. think positive thoughts man. :smoke:
  4. Yeah I did once. I was young 17 and still lived with my parents. Me and my friends used to park behind a church to smoke up. Ironically it’s the same church that one of my friends is no buried at so we still smoke there sometimes at his grave and stick the roach in the ground for him (that’s a different story though). It was a cross between being a young driver and being really stoned but I put the car in what I thought was drive and floored it. Unfortunately I accidentally put it reverse and ran straight into a telephone pole that was behind me. It was tough to explain to my mom what I was doing at church. Mistakes happen your chances of making a mistake increase when you smoke so be careful. I heard on the news that after you smoke a joint you lose 10 IQ points (It wasn’t a anti-drug spot but one about multitasking and how much IQ you lose when you multitask so I give it more credence. Oh it’s not permanent loss either).
  5. haha yeah one time i was riding with a friend and he thought the light had turned green when it hadnt and ended up just barely bumping some lady in some kind of suzuki and she was bitching him out for a long time but nothing ever came of it..then later that day he scraped the side of his car halfway down a concrete post by our school goin to pick someone up later on. i didnt ride with him anymore after that day.
  6. I don't think he can blame that on pot. Lets say user incompetence. And you best stay out of his car.

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