Ever been in a psych ward?

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  1. Tell us about it. I have, feel free to AMA.
  2. i have. nothing more to say than it was an interesting experience because of all the characters i met there.
  3. I have. Thought it would change me. Didn't. End of story.
  4. Definitely a lot of strange peeps were in there.
  5. What's a psych ward
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    I'm curious too, How does it compare to the television shows with some old guy playing Chess with himself, people holding conversations with their food, drooling on themselves, refusing to take their medication?
  7. I was in a psych ward in Utah County for two weeks after a suicide attempt.  While attending BYU I was enrolled in a program that was supposed to "heal me" from The Gay.  I spent four years in Reparative Therapy (Conversion Therapy).  It all culminated with me cutting my wrists open after a Xanax binge.  My roommate found me and was I was transported (unconscious) to the local hospital for a short stay and then was transferred to the psych ward.  That's where I was diagnosed with PTSD.
    I don't recommend cutting your wrists.  It's hurts like a motherfucker and the permanent scars are hard to cover up.  Despite what you see in the movies you don't cut across the wrist.  I did it the right way... or the wrong way. Depending on your perspective.   Self-hate is a terrible thing.  
  8. That's a lot to go through man. Glad to see you made it through it all.
  9. no but I'm going soon

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  10. Not today, but I have time...
  11. I've been in one of those 'facilities' for a 'Suicide attempt'...   A place downtown, I had to hang out there for about a week before they let me go.  I was transported straight there from the hospital by ambulance...and then when i was released my parents picked me up and i went home and watched Matrix Revolutions on payperview. 
    That was 10 years ago so its hard to remember everything.. i never thought much about it after I left...   I remember at least once sitting with other ppl in an 'AA' circle.. i never participated but just listened..  it was weird.  Most of the ppl there are hardcore addicts. 
    I remember a guy who was cool.  I think he said he smoked crack.   He was about my age.   I've forgotten most of the folks i met there but there were a few others.. didnt have any trouble with anyone.  
    One distinct memory was like a meditation thing..  Somebody put on a James Taylor record and we just like.. listened, and laid down.
    So basically it was just a big hangout, everyones in their pajamas...  and kind of mingling.  I do believe there was a television..  maybe some magazines.. i dont what the hell i did in there for a week, probably slept alot.
    I definitely had a strong feeling that I didnt belong there.
  12. I visited my brother a couple times in the psych ward, shit was just crazy, like the whole area was confined in the top level of the hospital by these two massive doors, they each weighed probably 200 pounds with no windows and so you swing both these things open and you are hit by this wave of just depth and emotion, its really hard to explain (This place was for the people who could not control themselves and needed intense 24 hour care) but yeah, the feeling that place gave you alone when the patients were not out was just gross and crippling but when they were all out you really had to watch yourself, fuck i would never go back to that place even to visit somebody. 
  13. My folks put me in a psych ward after I arrested. My distinct memory is when a lady on the ward tried to hang herself. While the staff was dealing with that, my new friends and I were taking turns getting high in a closet.

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    i'm not old but i played one game of chess by myself while the only other person who knew how to play was meeting with his psychiatrist. several people were so heavily drugged they could barely remain coherent. the guy next door to me was a ranger and suffered from PTSD pretty severely. flashes of light, people walking up behind, loud noises and crowds would set him off. but he was probably the most interesting person i met there. i'd say roughly half of the people in the hospital are just there because they want to be.
  15. i was sectioned against my will for 2 weeks when i was 17 after a suicide 'attempt'. It wasn't really an attempt i just went missing for a few days and travelled down to the south coast to jump off a cliff. there were mostly just depressed, suicidal, or people with serious eating disorders but there were a few people with psychosis who where hard to figure out. very unpredictable people, very misunderstood too. didn't change anything for me really, mushrooms did the trick :)
  16. Yeah, a few times. It helped when I went there of my own accord.
  17. Yeah after a suicide attempt. No they aren't the same as the movies. There was group therapy and there are sensory rooms but it wasn't like everyone in there is just wacko. I work at a mental health group home now. People there have more severe mental health issues than what I've seen at the psych wards at the hospitals.
  18. I have explored an abondoned one from the 40s.
  19. Coloring.  Lots, and lots of coloring.

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