Ever been fucked over?

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  1. ..I did, and its a bag of mixed emotions. There is this guy whom I met a couple of weeks ago through a friend of a friend. He seemed cool, we played poker together etc.. well one night he had oxycodone (20 MG) and it was legit, and freaking amazing I might add, so that night while we were all sitting around bs'ing I asked how often he gets them, 'about two times a week'. This made me happy, finally a hook up with oxy's :hello: well fast forward to this morning (11 am)...

    ...I gave him a call and asked if he could hook me up with some, he said sure no problem, im actually getting some in an hour, i'll call you then. Cool, an hour passed, no call, meh, I dont worry 2 hours pass so i thought i'd give him a call, "uhh, sorry man its going to be delayed a bit". No rush man, i said. Well after alot of bullshit he finally calls me and says 'well i wasnt able to get the 80's but I can get some 30 MG' I say fine, even better. well I finally received the oxy's tonight at 1 am, a little bothered but whatever i've got them, after never seeing 30 MG oxy's before I was a tad skeptical and should have listened to my gut, they were alot bigger than the 20MG oxy i took weeks prior, infact they look altoid size. I brought that up to him, in fact i said 'are you sure these are oxycodone?' he kinda chuckled and said yeah man, take one and let me know how you feel. I refused and said im tired i'll take it tomorrow, all the while thinking eff that ill check it out on erowd. Stupid me i made the purchase, and after checking erowid I came to the maddening conclusion that these are 5/325 oxy's.

    what this boils all down to is, what should i do? Eat the cost and never deal with him again, or ask for my money back tomorrow? I feel that if I ask for my money back tomorrow he'll give me shit and it will become a bigger hassle.

    *cliff notes*

    This douche i barely know ripped me off big time, he guaranteed his product with a full refund.. shall i take him up on it?
  2. confront him whats the worse that could happen
  3. the worse that could happen is i would be out quite a bit of money.
  4. Id bring it up for sure, let him know you didnt get anything off it you would be real appriciative if he could give ya a refund or maybe a nice discount next time he gets real oxys in hehe.

    Also you never know he may not have had any idea, maybe he doesnt know as much as he said and had the woil pulled over his eyes.

    I dont really know alot about pills myself other than I dont really like the effect of most them hehe.

    What where you paying for them? are oxys exspensive? My dad had a script for them when I was in highschool tryed them once or twice and figured eh id rather just get high :smoke:
  5. Ive lost $120 on 4 sep occasions...

    tryin to cop ounces off unknowns

    it happens man, take your losses and move on..

    keep him in mind for the future, try to rob him bck maybe
  6. dont oxy codones suck balls? i though only cottins were good? well .. that sucks id confront him if he isnt bigger than u and shit.. fuck him
  7. hate to be a prick but, aren't you already out quite a bit of money? take it up with him, non confrontational like. "hey man, i did some searching online since i was a bit skeptical, and turns out.... i've still got the pills, meet me with my money and well be cool" i mean, he is the one that fucked you over so he's actually the one with the problem on his hands.
  8. they definitely don't suck balls...just not very strong....me and my BUDdy had 100 5 mg....they were gone in two nights...we had fun:D

  9. True, thanks for the advice guys.

    and no oxycodone dosent suck balls.. the only difference between oxycodone and oxycontin is oxycodone is time released, but that is easily fixed by crushing it up into a powder and then eating it... or snort it if thats your thing..
  10. not quiet sure if I am 100% but I am almost positive oxycodone is no where the strenght of oxycotton or of any comparison...btw... I have never taken OCs so I dont' know for sure...but from all I've heard no way
  11. Idk depends how much you payed. If you bring it up he will not pay you. He obviously is into pills a bit, so the moneys long gone.
    EDIT: I just read the cliff notes. If he said hed pay you back, then bring it up.
  12. i bought 5 pills and they were supposedly 30 MG's so 30 bucks a pill.. you do the math.. :( its alot of money to a full time student.. however if it was legit, it would have been money well spend.. :D

    I think im going to bring it up to him in a way that is somewhat win win, i'll just ask for $120 back and keep the 5 5/325 oxy's.
  13. wow you are paying 1 dollar per MG? Shit I will sell you 40 mg pills, the little yellow ones with an OC on them, you will know it is legit and pay 20 per pill. I still make mad profit i get 40 mg pills for 5 bucks a pop, heh (obviously hookups are not allowed on here, but you get the picture, lol)
  14. I got screwed over last week pretty badly. I was buying from this really shady looking guy. We were buying a half for $100 (really good price for here). He took us in the bathroom at school (pretty big school) and had is so that he was in a stall right next to my friend and they handed the stuff under the stall. He triple baged it and wrapped it in a paper towel so that we couldn't see it or smell it. He basicly just ran away after we completed the transaction. My friend really didn't know what he was doing and didn't ask to see it or smell it or anything. So now we're both down $50 and have a half ounce of oregano...
  15. i hardly ever buy pills cept xanax cuz kids around here will fuck with you,i only have a good xanax dealer.
  16. cut your losses and move on. it's not worth dealing with shady people.
  17. hahahah, sorry brah, that sucks and all, but it's funny. assuming this is a HS?
  18. No, it's a college, but it's set up just like a High School. It's pretty gay because they have like Hall Monitors and stuff. I hate it there...
  19. 30mg?? were they little blue pills that had a line down the midddle of them with a 30 on it??? if so those are roxy contins. they are supposed to be like an lortab and OC mixed. they are almost just as good as regular OC. i actually had a couple of those the other day.

    as far as other people in this thread were talking about oxycodone and oxycontin, oxycodone is NO WHERE NEAR the strength of a real OC. nowhere near as addictive eitehr. and i think actually the contin is the one with the time release. look it up on erowid.

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