Ever been denied because you didn't have a rubber?

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  1. I know its happened to many of us, myself 3 times in my life. Lets here your story and do not post about how you fucked anyways, noone cares if your a nasty man haha

    I think this is nuts, shit happened to me before I knew how to handle the ladies:

    So a few years back, I had never kissed a girl. well I had kissed but never made out or anything/ gotten any action.

    I was totally still a virgin, and hated it.
    One night my roommate and I get invited over to two girls dorm just down the hall from ours for a massage:hello:

    we both get massages and things progress, we makeout and get mostly naked, I realize me and my buddy are getting bjs at the same time so me and my girl run back to my room

    we fool around a lot because I was nervous, then she asks me to fuck her, I search my entire room and bang on my dormmates door and found not one goddamn condom. I, like an idiot, thought I could pout my way to getting laid anyways and got all butthurt. I never hooked up with that girl.

    The very next night, I went to a party very drunk and somehow ended up with a beautiful tan brunette in this random bedroom fooling around. I go down and she comes, says Im ready, and I realize I had not yet bought a condom after learning my lesson the night before!

    I was searching the room, buck ass naked, hot woman waiting, and the dude throwing the party opened up, HIS BEDROOM, to see my cock and a girl in his bed; he started screaming, we threw on clothes and left, I walked her home, never slept with her either.

    Shit SUCKED!!! but I always keep a rubber these days, I never need to do that again

    Lets hear your stories blades!
  2. just once, the worst damn blueballs i've ever had.
  3. yes, and as Pawlywog stated..

    ..WORST BLUE BALLS EVER.:mad::mad:
  4. Not that I remember...

    One time I didn't have one, so we just went to bed...
  5. Ladies should share the responsibility and always have their own condoms too ;).

    Only once did I have to turn down sex because neither of us had condoms. I just think it's stupid to be risking it. And men? If she told you that you could bareback her, she's told enough other dudes that. Wrap your dong before it falls off.
  6. the butthole, natures condom
  7. Hell no. Im worth the risk
  8. people actually use condoms?
  9. im having a kid.

    i still dont want to use condoms

    the sex was almost worth it
  10. keyword: "almost"
  11. I'm still carying around the condom I had in my wallet in high school :D
  12. I haven't been denied cause I wouldn't want to do it without a condom anyways bit I have denied for that reason. Not worth it.
  13. No, and that one girl is now my wife and daughter's mother. Remember that...
  14. Yep same night my gf cheated on me. Guess a girls gotta do what she's gotta do. :smoke:
  15. Amen.


  16. That sucks man, but at least you learned your lesson. I was gonna say man, how do you make the same mistake two nights in a row.

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