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Ever been caught?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by maximus100389, Jun 5, 2009.

  1. I am happy to say I have yet to be caught, by anyone, for possession or for being high, etc. I'm doomer for failure...eventually the odds will catch up with me.

    So, I would like to hear everyones' stories about getting caught, whether by the popo or by your parents...whatever! Just share some stories.
  2. Ive never been caught by the law--- ppl spot me baked all the time tho lol:smoking:

    and my parents are always telling me how nice my basement smells.:smoking:

    most ppl that do get caught are putting themselves in stupid situations
  3. Knock on wood!
  4. already did hahahah
  5. Yeah, if you seriously smoke weed statistically speaking...eventually your gonna get caught. My parents have caught me fifteen billion times so much so they came to accept the fact that I smoke and basically went to a dont ask dont tell policy right before I left for college.

    I've had come close calls with the police, but I've always been to slick....well not really slick I just tend to eat the fucking weed the moment the red blue lights come on, cause they don't play dont here in alabama...there've been times were I've had like an ounce, and because I was respectful they just gave me my ticket and sent me on my way...but thats never guaranteed, mostly to avoid the risk I dispose of whatever drugs I have in the car the moment I get pulled over...I've had to many friend be on color code enough to know how much it sucks....and its not worth the risk.

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