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Ever been caught doing something illegal but not pulled over?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by herbal essence, Nov 4, 2013.

  1. I was working night shift at a factory, and I was coming home at 6:30 am, sunny and quiet, on the long stretch of country road to my house i was like fuck it i'm gonna pull over and pack a bowl. As I was packing the bowl on my lap grinder open, bowl out and weed crumbs about, i randomly glance in the rear view mirror and a cop is slowin right down. im freakin out and just cover everything  with a sweatshirt and all this bitch does is pull up next to me and ask if everything is ok. haha yes ma'am just had to use the phone. she was kind of cute for a cop. then she just cruised off and i proceeded to toke.

  2. whyd you slow down, he already saw you speeding might as well keep going and hope you get away!;)
  3. Dude are you serious?

    That is so fuckin fucked.
  4. dead serious man. i was soo looking forward to next year. great things were gonna be happening. now ima be serving time. and on probation lapd sucks dick
    Didn't you say on a different thread that you earn $7,000 a week? 
    $7,000 x 52 weeks in a year = $364,000
    Let's say you pay rent, insurance, groceries, etc. That still must leave you with at least a quarter million dollars.
    I think you could get a decent lawyer with that money.
  6. Damn bro....that sucks hard.

    Lapd are corrupt ass bastards. One time they pulled over my lil old man grandpa and this cop was like, "you know, I could break your arm right now and there's not a damn thing you can do about it." My little old grandpa asked him why he would do that and he said, "because I can."

    Luckily they got an emergency call before he assaulted my grandpa. Sickening bastards!!!!
  7. my case right now isnt lookin to good. and i have alot of habbits. and i never said 7k a week. 7 a month and 7k a week is a huge difference. chances are im gonna have to serve a few months. nd then be on probation. its just bullshit evrything i gotta deal with now
  8. when i was 14 year old kid i was walking home 5 mins away from home smoking a stoge walking up my alley. then a cop rolls up behind me. shuvs his glock to my head and says illl pull the trigger and go home to my family and sleep well" who tf tell that to a 14year old kid. i wasnt respectful back then. i bascially told em to fuck off. i ended up going home with the shit beat out of me they told my parents i was smoking and fighting. LAPD are fucken loosers when i was in the cell seein the smirks on there little snitch ass face just made me wanna kill em. if a person beat a 14yo kid nd the cops cought em wen htey go to jail everyone gonna fuk them up. but cops nahh well beat 14 year old kids and say well kill them and then threaten senoirs and telling them weel break there ahnd for the fuck of it to show how much power our little fagget pig ass has. the funny thing is they interigated me for about 3 hours striaght. not a word came out my mouth. fuken hate pigs. at leas i got to sleep in my bed last nite. i thought im gonna be in until monday
    Daamn, are you black or somethin? I'm just kidding.
  10. Jus so you know, they got sick o people sittin there silent, so they made a law that says if you don't plead the fifth, your silence is an admission of guilt. Went all the way to the supreme court and they upheld this b.s.

    Had a fuckin cop try to break my hand once to teach me a lesson but he couldn't do it. Wasn't as strong as i was lol
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    Wait, what? You got links for that or something? I mean remaining silent has never looked good to the jurors for the simple fact that you are way more likely to plead the fifth if you are guilty of the charges. But I still never talk. Hopefully never in a situation like that again though
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    A guy was convicted for his silence when he came to report a crime and they asked if he was involved. He didn't say a word it went to trail and was upheld. Went to supreme court where they said if you don't invoke your right to remain silent, you are admitting guilt.

    Case was salinas v Texas.

  13. i did plead the 5th. i kno its a law to plead the 5th. they still try to get shit outa me tho. my uncles serving life for torturing a cop till death.the day im not out causin troublei get cought up. im only 18 i really am just tryna make it in life not get locked up. i kno when u live a criminal life style one day or another ull get booked but it still sucks. 
  14. im white a european.
  15. Truth.

    Uncle died in prison from torturing a guy to death also.

    Two things I tell my children when pulled over and arrested.

    Plead the fifth and ask for an attorney.

    Then say no more. They're not your friend, their job is to get you to confess, whether you did it or not.
  16. How the fuck do you make over 80k a year at 18..and why were the charges
  17. own a couple dozen websites. and do virus removal. brass knuckles wax with my rig and 2 types of unmentionables. im prolly gonna get the wax removed since i believe you are alloud to have it even tho it wasnt in the trunk sealed or anything. brass kuckles is what really fucks me over. there harder to fite then a gun case. 2 types of unmentioanables just ad to my case. they stopped me becuase they thought im underage. and then smelled weed so theres probable couase i didnt allow them no matter what so it might help me fight everything. they bascialy forced the search which should help. but i wish i was caryying my glock. i wudnt have had as much trouble as i do now. 
  18. brass knuckles are a felony? Holy shit ..so what are your websites called
  19. keep my personal life out of professional sorry. yea sadly brass knuckles are really hard to fight. since there should be no reason to have em other then bash brains in
  20. A cop car passed right by my house while i was on my porch smoking a blunt. He even turned around and drove by my house real slow but didnt do anything

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