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Ever been caught by your parents when you were a kid?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Sphyzex-9, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Ever been caught blazing? I did once when I was 17. They walked in my room as I was rolling a joint. I threw it behind my couch as the door opened. My dad was like "what did you just throw?" I was like "nothing". He walked over picked it up, showed it to my mom and my mom flipped out. And then they fucking flushed it!....but I didnt care I was smoking again like an hour later.
  2. so your 17
  3. NEVER! I have been caught high and shit, but never with the blunt IN my hand. Just one thing that hasn't (and I hope it doesn't) happen.
  4. Yeah I was running around in my backyard, and slipped, but my mom caught me at the last moment, phew.
  5. LMAO lebeowski.

    Yeah my parents used to raid my room back when i lived with them. They found lots of shit.
  6. many times. got a few pipes and prolly bout a quqrter ounce or so of dank takin away but they were pretty cool about it.
  7. I was caught when I was 16-ish. I went a year and a half before being caught high and my bedroom reeking of reefer.
  8. yup. i got caught a week after i bought my first piece. it was so sweet for a first piece, a little glass ccg spoon, yellow and blue. probly about the third or fourth time i ever smoked, got stoned outta my mind, left it on my kitchen counter and had a hell of a night when my rents got home.

    EDIT: was probably about 13, and very dim for someoone of that age (left it in my damn kitcten!)
  9. Fortunately, no i was never caught by my parents. But i still have to get through this summer before i am officially out on my own, so you never know

    *knocks on wood*

    i am confident i won't be caught though
  10. I got caught when I was 14 but that is when I found out that both of my parents smoked so it worked out real good after that but then the pinching of nugs began and I had to start hiding my herb LOL!! just hinking about those times makes me laugh.
  11. when is was 15, now 19 i left a bag with with a little bit of bud in my pocket and when my mom went to do the laundry she found it, i lied my way out though
  12. I got caught 4 or 5 times and ended up losing about 500 dollars worth of scales, pipes, bud, and bongs :(. if only i could have them now :rolleyes:.
  13. Pfffttt....caught? Hell I burned with my mom the other night
  14. Search button. USE IT
  15. Shut know good and damn well if he had found an old thread like this one and bumped it up you would've fussed at him for that.
  16. I dont think i've ever looked at when post's were posted so no i wouldnt have. Still could have too
  17. Funny story. While my parents were watching a basketball game inside, I decided to step out for a quick joint. My old smoking buddy that moved away and I hadn't talked in months called me up randomly. My dad answered the phone, and of course went looking for me to give it to me. BUT I was outside toking on some ganj. My parents called for me outside, so I had to put my shit out (I only had a little roach left) and come to get the phone. My dad asks, "Were you SMOKING?!" I was scared SHITLESS, I didn't want to lie to him, because he already knew the answer, and could smell it on me. I said, "Yes."... As I waited for "punishment", all he said to me was.. "Give me the cigarettes and don't do it again."

    HAHA! So my parents just thought I was smoking a cig and didn't punish me at all. If they wouldv'e known it was weed I wouldv'e been in so much trouble, but nothing happened.
  18. Wow close one.
  19. Yeah a few times.

    It first started with finding my mini bong, mom was a bitch about it...

    Second time I just picked up a half ounce I smoke like an 8th with a buddy he goes home. I end up falling asleep on the floor, I wake up a few hours later bag still on the table with both parents sitting there, they were more chill this time.

    My mom knows I smoke now and she doesn't bug me as long as I don't smoke while she is at home although I may see what they do if I light up in the backyard/downstairs while they are at home in the upcoming summer.

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