Ever been bear maced, or bear maced someone

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  1. ive now been bear maced fuckin twice. anyone else ever experience this intense burn?
  2. haha why did you get maced?
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    I have a friend who had to get maced for a job before he could ever mace people. He was a patrol dude on a beach. And this isnt the kind of mace you can buy at a store. This is like cop mace.

    He took a bunch of xanax and OC to prepare himself and said he was so confident because of the drugs that he volunteered to be first in line. The macer then maced the complete hell out of him since he was so confident about it. My friend said he basically screamed and started violently rolling around in the sand just freaking the fuck out.
  4. Twice? No means no man. Jeez.:p
  5. wut does that mean?
  6. Rape is never a joke, except in this case. :p ^
  7. Yeah, fucking pigs maced the fuck out of me...
  8. yea it aint fun. i kinda got wut i deserved tho. u reap wut u sow
  9. i got a can of bear mace for campin in the northwest...
    naturaly, i thought i should know how to use it if need be.
    so being a teenager i thought i would go outside and see if i could get a bird with it!
    as soon as i spotted the robin i sprayed!
    not takin into acount that the wind was blowing striaght back into me...
    you can figure out the rest
  10. waht did u do?
  11. Maced 6 times.
    One was a year ago cause a pig pulled me over and he said get out and said im searching your car and i shut the door and locked it and said "Do you have any evidence to search my car or probable cause I have anything illegal in car" he just whips out mace and maced me i said bitch holding my eyes and fell to the ground next thing I know im getting tazed cause I was supposibly assulting him.
    Were in court right now.
    The camera caught the whole thing.
    He already lost his job.
    Lawsuit plx
  12. lol i have to say you deserved that for trying to mace the bird
  13. OH i know i did!
    i was a dumb ass teenager
  14. I found a spray bottle in my friends room... and thought it was some kind of axe shit...
    and might of sprayed myself completley with it... and had to clear out his house...

    but that may or may not of happend.
  15. i've never gotten maced, i hope to god i never do.
  16. been maced like 5 times shit is the fucking worst i wish death upon the fucker that is spraying that shit. burns inside your head behind ur eyes throat everything is just wicked fucking hot and burning omg:mad:
  17. lol, that aint relivent but i found it funny
  18. did i miss somthing? waht did u do man?
  19. lol, it was bear mace.
    I sprayed myself, then my face. Instantly after my face i started to burn, in my thoat then my eyes, i ran and tripped down his stairs and asked what that shit was.

    he told me it was mace and laughed his ass off. We had to vacate my friends house tho -.-.
    i sprayed like half a bottle...

  20. i maced a kid with fox 5.3shu pepper spray and it is the best mace on earth.bear mace is designed for bears, witch don't have tear glands and therefor don't affect people as badly as if they got sprayed with the best mace in the world intended for people.you can buy it online easily.i carry it with me to alot of places.

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