ever banged a much older woman?

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  1. guys im just curious...lol..has anyone here had the courage to fuck a MUCH older woman say in her 60"s or 70"s?...i will be truthful and say that yes..i have..come on, i know there has got to be at least one guy here that has...lol....

  2. I have. It was a few months back actually. She was 64. And I'm not gonna lie, that was some damn good sex that day...

    Smoke with Royalty
  3. What are the age differences between u guys and these women.?
  4. thats too old man.. i loooveeeee milfs though 35-45 is the best. 
    bucket list is to sleep with 20 milfs before 25.
    lol 3 down.
  5. oldest one for me was 65..but boy she could smoke some dick.....she had huge hooters as well so it wasn't bad..and she took a load to the face..not bad either
  6. Not quite that old, pal. But Ive slayed some cougars in my day. Maybe 5 or 6, with the oldest being maybe mid 40s. I never asked.

    Had one that rode me like a champ.

    And they ALL wanted me to bust inside, which I always did. :metal:
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    I was seventeen and she was eighty six years old. Watching those saggy, wrinkly tits bouncing up and down was such a turn on. Then she came and it smelled like rotting corpses. I got down between her varicose laden legs and slurped that shit right up. Then I grabbed her gray hair with my two hands and forced her to suck my cock. I made her take out her false teeth though first. There's nothing like getting a blowjob from a toothless old hag.
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    Yea a few and only 1 of them let me stick it in their ass all the way, a lil disappointing  :(
  9. You might be a father.
  10. Not as old as 60.but when i was a teen i had real thing about older women.
    Shagged a few aswell lol
    And if im honest i still would :)

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  11. either birth control works realllly well, or Im sterile.
  12. Not 60's or 70's (yet hahahaha) but when I was 18, I had sex with a 42 year old man
    I was still in school, had the uniform on and everything :laughing:
  13. 19 year with 42 year old
    20 year with a 34 year old
    24 year with a 54 year old


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