Ever accidently meet a stoner in public?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Pukeslot123, Feb 13, 2014.

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  1. Have you ever been walking out and about with some friends and bump into someone that turns out to smoke? 
    I have a really dope story, man.
    So my friends and I were out and about, driving around will hotboxing. We decided to go check out this knife store our friend was telling us about. So we head in there, A couple of our eyes were cashed as fuck. The place was really small, with a front counter place in the middle of the room, surrounded by blades and glass containers. We were walking around and we stumbled upon a container filled with rolling papers, grinders, lighters, random weed posters, ect.. 
    We had to get something here. We all asked for a grinder. The dude working the front counter hooked us up and started laughing. He reached in the bottom row and picked up this really small bullet pipe. It turns out that was the last pipe and he wanted to sell it to us. We bought that and the grinder, while we were checking out he started talking about smoking with the pipe and we all just started talking about weed and each shared stories and it was the most beautiful experience ever. 
    Share you stories, because this shit is kinda intresting. 

  2. I was parked and chillin next to a golf course when two full-on-asian dudes come rolling up in a golfcart, they were like "I know what you're doing" and handed me a chillum to hit :smoke:
    i've met many tokers in parks or hiking trails
  3. When I was in high school I was walking to the store for lunch and there was this dirty hippie hanging outside of his VW bus and asked me if I wanted to smoke. Kept fucking walking.
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    I went to a brewers game a few years back.
    My bro and I were under a bridge rollin a j when a group of like 5 people come up and we put everything away.
    The dude starts talkin to us and is like, do you guys smoke? And of course we were like "na man" he asked if we would snitch and we said "na man"
    They were just smokin out of a can pipe. So my bro pulls out the j and sparks up while they were all talkin. And the dude turns around as soon as he smells it, he's just like "hell yeah man, you got me"
    So we just chill talk and blaze for like 20 min. And then we all walked over to the stadium and went about our day.

    Great day all in all
  5. sad part is that dude was probably fuckin awesome
  6. DIdn't feel safe, didn't want to climb into a strange man's VW bus :metal:
  7. Sub Culture/Cannabis Culture is a beautiful thing.  Some amazing people you will meet.  I enjoyed reading your stories especially yours Slick_Rick.
    Here's a little story of mine.  It wasn't really in public but in a smoke shop.  Was chatting with an employee about dabs and stuff and the fact I never tried one and right then a guy walked in and overheard me.  He was in buying butane to make BHO and invited me back to his house to show me how to make it and have some tokes. :D
    I've met many other stoners randomly in my life but am getting too high always to remember them.  That one was real recent.
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  9. We also were in a park just outside of town. And we set up shop at a tree that fell over.
    In the middle of a bowl some photographer comes up on the trail, so we put the pipe away, dude comes up and says it smells amazing haha. Then just fades into the forest.

    I also get to meet stoned people at work. Few weeks ago I was talkin to some dude cuz his snowboard looked dope af and he's like "how bout the Super Bowl comin up, 420 bowl all day" I was like yea bruh...
    And last week some chick had like 5 pot leaf stickers on her board and vape company stickers.
    I was like where'd you get the stickers haha
    She said they just got back from Denver and started talking about the stores. She's like "they had sour patch kids, cookies, brownies. All kinds of amazing food to get you high af haha
  10. When I started my apprenticeship I was working with another apprentice that was about 20, I got the feeling that he was a smoker but never wanted to ask in case he wasn't (my work is tight about this stuff), so one day he had to give me a lift home, I get in the car and there's a pack of king skins lying on the floor, squished out cigarettes everywhere and half rolled roaches all over the dash, obviously by now I knew he smoked, but about 5 minutes into the drive he turned the heaters on and out comes this huge smell of green, it was so strong!

    Turns out he keeps his baggies hidden behind the air vents in his car!
  11. Oh you know that photographer tokes for sure.  Shame on you for not offering him a toke after that kind of comment!  He clearly didn't want to ask and be a mooch! :D
    It reminded me of one time I was playing poker at the casino.  It was a several hour long session so you know I had a couple joints in the car.  I came back in after a toke and the guy sitting next to me says "I don't toke anymore but DAYUM that smells good".  Hahah it was Cheese strain.  
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    Subbed, if this thread picks up i think it will be one of the best on gc
  13. I didn't wanna cuz a few friends got arrested a few weeks before we went there.... And we were bout to leave....
    As the bladie said tho. Snowboarding places are full of stoners. Last year on opening day I set up shop on the side of a hill and some dude was like "it reeks can I have a hit?" I was sketched out so I said no.
    Later in the year I hooked him up with a 8th and blazed with him :)
  14. So often haha, it seems like everyone around here smokes
  15. damn dude you should have smoked up with him that could have been hilarious
    In reality the dude probably only had an empty pipe.
  17. The only time I've ran into a stoner in public I think I freaked him out a little. I was driving along and noticed the car ahead of me had smoke coming from all 4 windows. I pulled up next to him at a stoplight and said " Hey man, that smells good!" Lol he looked over at me quickly and then made his left turn... some older man in his 50-60's :) 
  18. once me and my friend went camping with my parents at this resort so we got like a 8th from his dad cause hes got medical. We go to the resort take a "nature" hike and get blazed. We went to the main building and i was playing this skiball game and their was glass so the ball didn't shoot out, i take my first shot and the ball gets stuck between the glass and this thing. I go get this lady and tell her its stuck and she just hits the glass hard as hell and says "stoners" just laughed and said thanks for taking it to the trails. Then my friend hopped on the slide and busted his bowl. :(

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  19. HA, plenty of times! I meet plenty of experienced older and younger tokers on the bus, metro, walking, I'm pretty generous with my weed so my network branches out.
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