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Discussion in 'General' started by KingPins, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. How is everyone doing tonight?

    Im just about to cook up some asian noodles and watching the rutgers game.
  2. It's 4:20PM Here =]
    But I can't toke up =[
    Narcs fucking patrolling my room every few days. I need to move out of the fucking dorms and into a bloody apartment.
  3. Hopefully gonna be a great night here, we're tryin to get some beer pong crackin at mi casa with some females, hopefully everything will fall through as planned.
  4. Jus chillin, Long day.
  5. always a good plan.

    prolly just sitting around the house all night, maybe gonna work on my website, reason being everyone is gone at college and i dont leave till the 17.
  6. That sounds like fun, i havent partied at all since i got engaged.

    I might be having a couple friends over later.
  7. just kickin back, it's 4:33 now and im still blitzed from 4:20 hahaha gonna cook up some more chicken nuggets in a lil hahahahaha :smoke:
  8. It's already 730 on the east coast.
  9. just doing some house stuff: clothes, dishes, vacuuming. then heading to a high school football game tonight.
  10. Haha, nice.
    Sir.TokeAlot, what part of Cali are you from if I may ask?
    I'm near Camarillo/Malibu.
  11. That sucks....i guess.....or neutral?? hahaha whatever yout hink it is..!! :D hahaha im so blown lol

    RedSorcerer: I'm up in San Jose lol more in Santa Clara if you know where that is....:D
  12. Thats another thought, I might go check out my old high schools game.. visit with my old coaches.

    Have fun.. High school football pwns.. esp in Ohio.
  13. Hell yeah man. There's some damn fine schools around, lot of good games
  14. Should be a chill night. Watching the Rutgers game right now. They just picked Navy off in the endzone, they are up 17-7.

    Looking forward to Friday Night Fights.
  15. Baking some chicken and staying at the girlfriend's place tonight.


  16. just got done drinkin a few beers while i mowed the lawn/smoked a couple bowls too...nothin crazy tonight chillin smokin maybe a movie with the flavor of the week
  17. Chillin off some brews, Jus wrote a song.

    Might write some more who knows.
  18. Anyone here gonna watch the fights tonight? Zab Judah is fighting on espn2!
  19. Call if whatchu wanna call it,
  20. "Kickin back with the cap'n 'n' coke
    and a half ounce of the crack
    puttin it down for the alcoholics
    nah, fuck it!
    put it down for myself, i'm an alcoholic!!"

    i aint drinkin tonight hahaha but i will later this weekend :D

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