Even with A/C & exhaust my closet gets too hot.

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Should I upgrade my exhaust fan?

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  1. Hey guys, title says it. This is my first post, thanks to everyone before me that has posted, Ive learned so much the past few weeks. I read the guidelines and searched around on this site as I have the internet over and over and have gotten the same info, don't know if I'm overlooking something but...
    My setup: (all bulb wattage in actual watts)
    4 - 45w cfl 6500k
    3 - 23w cfl 6500k
    1 - 16w led 5500k

    Grow closet: semi-sealed space is 2×2×8 total space is 6x2x8 almost completely sealed with tarp (see pic)

    Fans: 50cfm bathroom exhaust fan above everything(about 8"below roof), 40mm cpu fan pulling hot air from top of light to exhaust, 80mm cpu fan for intake and circulation hooked to a 3" flex hose that supplies A/C air to closet. There is another 80mm fan on the end of the hose on the A/C side to push the A/C air to the intake/circulation fan.

    PROBLEM: with room temp at 65 and intake hose NOT directly on A/C(latex on floor to suck in cool air) the temp of grow space will rise to 95+(I've seen it at 100 BEFORE I sealed it off). When connected to A/C on high, the 59ish degree air will keep the grow space about 77-79. But the stretched hose drops water over some of my stuff, and it gets too cold for me and the electricity used is a concern.

    I've experimented all around, I initially added the exhaust fan and hose (which is connected to the attic) and that didn't fix it. I added the hose and cpu fan in place of a passive intake. Have moved everything around and just can't figure it out. Surely the cfls aren't that bad, I don't even feel that much heat from them. My plants just today showed what I think is heat stress on one leaf, though this is what I'm researching next.

    Even though I'm using a 32 cubic ft space (inside a 96 cu.ft. closet) you guys think my 50 cfm fan isn't doin it for me? Or maybe the walls are just too close and absorbing too much heat? Keep in mind it was getting this warm before I sealed it too.
    I'm lost and advice is appreciated because I'm close to going for a hike in the woods with my babies..

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  2. Too bad you decided to make a ghetto rig instead of going with a 400W HPS ballast with an air-cooled hood set-up from the get-go. It might have cost you a few bucks more initially, but it would have been more cost-efficient in the long run, not to mention safer and with a better yield.
  3. It's actually a decent enough setup... may not be the best harvest but I'm sure you'll do better than a lot people on here their first grow. Next grow maybe invest in cheaper LED or HID if really interested in growing as well as a tent.

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  4. If you need more fans I'd look into duct boosters they work pretty well for the price point....

    Also if you are worried about efficiency and somewhat cleanliness and whatnot open up that AC and clean it out... both sides front and back.

    I'd also say you are getting a good age to top the plants if interested in that method. It'll work best for you... you are gonna want to have a nice big canopy and just clean the popcorn underneath and out the CFL right up above the canopy.

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  5. You're going to have to get an air conditioner in that flower space with your plants when the lights are on. The temps ideally need to hang out in the 70's. They can get up to the lower to mid 80's, but that's about as high as they go before you start seeing damage to them. I think you need larger in line fans, ducting, etc. and an air cooled hood so you can pull the heat away from the light. Keep seriously good air movement down around your plants aside from the fans pushing and pulling air through duct work. You'll figure it out. TWW
  6. Sorry guys, i started typing this out yesterday and got distracted but...

    Well i may have found my problem. I will say we've had 85f+ days lately and yesterday was mid-70s so that could have made a difference but...
    You'll notice in the pictures my plants are not under the light; I let them sunbathe while I investigated my problems. I ended up transplanting a couple into mother earth which left my small grow shelf with a little more space. I also read a comment somewhere about thermometers in direct light and since mine has a black part on it decided to stop laying it on the soil of the tallest pot and instead hang it on the side where it gets about as much air/heat but not directly in the light 3 inches away.

    For now, my temp has dropped to 75 and has stayed there for about 15 hours. Hopefully my small space was just so packed that I won't have hear issues. We'll see, but for now I don't even have to hook the hose up to A/C to keep it at 75. :) wish me luck!
  7. The photos of my plants were about a day old, I've actually already topped and it is already starting to blow up! Those first plants were bagseed for my first try and I've got some auto lemon OF seeds and I'm doing one under cfl cup and one under sunlight. Thanks for all the tips guys.

    I vaccumed my A/C and cleaned the filter but after looking at that pic up close I see I need to deeper clean somehow lol.

    As far as my light setup being cheap, I paid $7 for 4 large and very bright 45watt cfl bulbs (I think walmart.com messed up because everywhere else I looked it was more expensive for just one). Another $15 for components and $3 for the light "hood". I am a jeweler and had a bunch of the 6500k 23w cfl as I use them in my photo setup. Im okay with the $25 I spent being replaced by a better light soon (which I've already been checking out). I'm glad I didn't buy a more expensive light right away. My heating issues the past few days almost completely turned me off from indoors and that was with cfl. I can only imagine how much hotter a better light might get. I know mh + hps will get hotter than cfls, but is led about the same as cfl? I need to get a new spot before I invest too much because the area I'm in is only 22" wide, I'm wondering if that's even enough space for a decent light and hoses attached to either side. As you all can tell I'm unsure what to do about the lighting sitch but I'm thinking led might be better since it won't get as hit and I can get a bigger one compared to mh/hps since those would need attached hoses..

    Thanks guys for the valuable tips. I'm glad I'm past my first road block and thi mg s seem to be going great now.
  8. Temps have been perfect since I made more room in my small grow area.
    Just thought I'd show a little update!
    I have those bagseed plants still, one inside one outside and just started LST. I also have 4 Auto Lemon OG OF babies going. A couple are fresh sprouts but the first one seems to be flourishing. 13 days old and taproot is already 2" out of 3 gal pot. Anyways, here are the bagseed plants followed by the auto flowers.

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