Even our political leaders have a hard time getting excited about drug war victories

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by oltex, Dec 31, 2010.

  1. I loved the part with the Russian guy saying that the powder isnt heroin, but instead baking soda.
  2. Yup,and the Afghan general that was indicated in the Wikileaks as having drug trafficking connections,,,,,,he probably took the real heroin back to his bosses.
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  4. Everyone is corrupt. The world governments are corrupt. Fair enough, some sort of order is needed to stop people acting like hooligans but when it comes to breaching our God goven rights as humans, dont comply with them.
  5. Looks like one boring bonfire, lol.
  6. maybe if they sat closer to the fire it would have been more fun;)
  7. w/ marshmallos and hot dogs,yeah man,I am in.

    You know if our zero-tolerance drug warriors had bought all that opium from the farmers in Afghanistan,since we have had control of the main valley it is growing in,and napalmed it instead of allowing 90% of the WORLD production of opium/heroin to be sold on the black market,we could be attending the yearly opium burn over there,,,,,,what a stoner trip.
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  9. Wow 16 tons, out of 7000. *clap* Way to show them.
  10. The Russian guy is pretty convincing, I´m convinced, it´s baking soda, let him go with it.
    I like hershey smores at the bonfire.
  11. Looks like they had a good time playing with the seizures.

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