even more acid!!!!

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by theduckbeast, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. I just ate some acid,

    What should i do while i wait for it to kick in and even better what should i do when it has kicked in ?

    The Duck.
  2. Listen to Pink Floyd and enter the abyss of your inner mind...
  3. Once it kicks in ILL BE BACK :D
  4. huh?
    im just tingling atm :)
  5. Coming up? :)
  6. as in, get off the computer and go outside.
  7. ding ding! ten points
  8. and for u, its late at night here and its freezing.. you go outside lol nar but il probs go for a wonder soon :rolleyes:
  9. You going to pass that e-J or what?
  10. nar not the e-j but u can have one of my e-bongs if u want, here...
  11. how you feeling brother?

    care to enlighten GC with your thoughts?:wave::wave:
  12. hahaha at the moment its just like im going with the flow fuck anything lol and iv got that stupid smile at almost anything... im just starting to get the chasers when i move not too much action yet but fuck it feeeeelss gooooooooooooooooooooooood

    what helps it hit me harder?
    maybe i dont want it to hit me harder cos it cost me $30 australian and i think it was a 'matt hofman' my dealers gf had half a 1/4 and was fucked :D so lets see how we go

    And my lil bro put on eminem and there are sounds coming out of it that isnt eminem bahaha sounds nuts.

    back in 5 :wave:
    fuck everything is funny but its not.. get me? lmao
  13. haha glad to hear ya having a good time.
  14. wholey fuck ur sig tripped me the fuck out
    i just pumped a couple billys feeling sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    zeeee doooook.
  15. Official Update

    For the past 15 minutes i stared at a painting on the wall that was changing faces like almost every 20 seconds and then i was howing into some biscuits and the choc chips all jumped off it and rolled out the back door, this trip is hell intense compared to what i normaly feel.
    I'll be in touch

    The DUck
  16. Well since no one really cares aboutmy hair falling out while im in the shower til i looks in the mirror :S

    Cue End Thread
  17. Go outside man.
  18. get off the computer, go for a walk, go outside, sit in a garden, do something else.
  19. lol sit in the garden, id rep u if i could.. funny
    im straight as an arrow now

    THe Duck,.

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