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Even if they know you're there, do you have to open the door for police?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Batmanchu, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. May or may not pertain to a repetition of last week's events.

    Especially if they didn't announce themselves?
  2. nah u dont have to open the door or let them in
  3. You can choose not to answer it.
  4. Invite them in and offer them a J, that's the polite thing to do.
  5. One time in 6 grade I got caught smoking and they knew I had a pipe at my house, I got suspended and they said a cop was going to come to my house to get the pipe, the next day I saw him come to my door and ring the doorbell but I pretended I was asleep lol. He never came back
  6. Damn man, you smoked weed in G6? That's wicked.
  7. [quote name='"HigherEducation"']

    Damn man, you smoked weed in G6? That's wicked.[/quote]

    Yeah I was stupid, way too young
  8. No, you don't have to answer the door, and you don't have to let them in. If they have a warrant they'll come in anyway no matter what you do. Why help them bust you?
  9. If you do answer, open the door, step outside and close the door to talk to them. That's basically communicating to the cops that you aren't letting them in.
  10. you could be asleep, on the toilet, or masturbating! No you dont have to open the door, but if you, id suggest naked (they cant do anything if your in your own private residence) or as another guy said step outside so they dont barge their way in. If you do open the door and they barge in keep repeating i do not consent to you entering my house over and over again.
  11. "Excuse me officer, but I do not consent to searches." That will be your lucky phrase. Legally, pigs can't search you without a search warrant. So you should be fine. You could either, 1 answer the door and just say whatchu want, 2. say the lucky phrase, or 3. don't answer at all. Either way you should be fine

  12. don't be a disrespectful jerk. cops are people like you and me and they are just doing their job the vast majority of the time. there's no reason to tell them you don't consent to search, either don't answer or step outside and shut the door. that indicates you are not letting them in.

  13. False happened to me and i did step outside. They still wanted to search my place.

    Make sure you make it clear they are not permitted in.

    I use "Officer i would like you to respect my private space, and do not consent to a search."
  14. Yea its part of your constitutional rights that people so often give away. They can't enter your house, but can look around through windows and around your yard. same thing for cars; they can't open your trunk or anything locked but can look through the windows.

    I would never talk to a cop, because if you ever end up in court it can come back to bite you in the ass.
  15. If a cop bangs on my door I'm not answering :laughing: if it's that important he'll bust my door down
  16. Lol In Chicago if they know your in there, and you don't open the door, they are coming in. Especially if they think they can get a good arrest. Cops in Chicago always have probable cause. Lol!1

  17. I got some laughs from that one. But op no you dont have to answer much less let them in.

  18. ^This exactly but lock the door with a key after you step out is what id do to be safe ;)
  19. I'd probably do what TheMightyKush said, just step outside, be polite, and lock the door. Or you could just totally confuse them by stepping outside, locking the inside lock, then closing the door :p then you're both stuck out there.
  20. Well to answer your original question, yes they can come in depending on situation. Probable cause (smell weed, see illegal activities through window) will allow them to enter without a search warrant. If there is no warrant or probable cause than you do not have to answer.

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