EvE Online or Minecraft

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  1. I know, I know their completel different but im completely torn between the two right now. I hae played eve for a few months about 4 months back and never got into minecraft, but did play terraria. I am just looking lasting value and depth. EvE has soooooo much to it and it is very complex but I had no one to play with so was confused a lot. Minecraft seems like it has a lot to it too and is constantly getting updated, but like i said ive never got into it.
  2. I'd prefer the eve subscription over bull yabble ass minecraft, but thats just me.
  3. Minecraft because rpgs are boring and stupid and money wasting.
  4. Minecraft has a lot of good depth to it, there is also a lot of fun tricks you can do that most people don't know about.

    As you play you start to discover things, redstone contraptions can take up a lot of time depending on how good you are and how complicated.

    Also with the new addition of trading in villages the game feels somewhat whole because there are a lot of different aspects of play.

    Zombies also knock down wooden doors which is the only door a house can have for a villager to recognize it as a home. They are adding the ability for zombies to infect villagers and baby villagers. The baby zombies run faster and sunlight doesn't affect them. Along with the addition of armored zombies and skeletons, this makes for a more survival/siege aspect to the game.

    I am really looking forward to making kingdoms with a few friends. I have a vision to make certain districts with some being separated from the rest. Perhaps have an elite district with a beacon pyramid (adds special abilities in an area around it), that is also well lit to prevent zombie infections. The slums would have low lighting so that zombie attacks/infections are as common as day and night.

    This is just a single idea I had when this new feature was talked about and one could easily spend months creating this, even with a server of people. Besides this so many other possibilities and creations can take place in this game.

    The only limit is your own creativity and eventually you will become more creative. I know I have, and everyone knows creative thinking is great for the mind!

    As for EvE it is completely different gameplay even though it is THE sandbox, just like Minecraft is.

    I have been intrigued by EvE and that game is constantly evolving just like Minecraft. It does seem like you have to be a part of a guild to even be somewhat competitive with the economy as a whole. I am sure some "solo" dedicated people already have a lot of "pull" in the economy though, and the politics in this game can get pretty crazy I hear. This is an intelligent man's MMO meant for the long haul, I just never got into it and that might be regrettable but maybe I will check it out in the future. :wave:

    Guild Wars 2 is coming out which has more of my interest simply because I love PvP in games and if I want to hop on for just 30 minutes, I can PvP that whole time if I want. EvE has some of the craziest intergalactic wars I have ever seen but it isn't a daily thing (or at least I don't think). Minecraft can have some pretty good pvp but you have to set the parameters/build the arena, and have people that play along with the rules. We all know this can sometimes be hard to find in the gaming world.

    Also the MOD API is coming out in the next patch which will enable you to customize Minecraft quickly and easily with almost anything you can think of.

    Yes.... even Pokemon! :smoke:

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