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Evaporated Pee?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rubythered, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. anyone ever hear of this? came upon it whilst perusing erowid about passing drug tests. Anyone ever done this? or done it successfully? tips?
    if you dont know, you pee in a glass when you know your clean obviously, wait for it to evaporate, then scrape off the remaining flakes, save them, then add hot water for the test. and presto. you pass. thats the most i have gathered on the procedure, but i would like to know specifics, like, how much you piss, how long it takes to evaporate, etc.
    i already know you can buy evaporated piss online.
  2. i'll be honest, that sounds pretty gross, letting your urine vapors fly around the air you breathe. but, it sounds like it might work since all the clean urine chemicals are dried to the cup. if you want to pee in a cup, be my guest. i would rather have a clean friends pee strapped to my leg, but. ya know, people vary.
  3. urine goes through several decomposition phases when left in the open. Probably some type of mold will form around the container that is in and whatever chemical residue is left over after weeks of trying to "evaporate" it will eventually leave a solution behind but I doubt it will test as "pee" after all the decomposition, and it will most likely be green not yellow.
  4. If you know you're getting tested, here's a solution...go on a t-break and/or cleanse [there's a thread about passing a test, lurk that shit -->]. I mean, you reset your tolerance and you pass the test. Win win situation.

    But, come on, that's pretty fucking gross, do you really want to do piss in a cup and just let it dry out? Think about it...
  5. i am being drug tested once a week randomly for 6 months. :mad: so, no, i would pee in an alligators mouth if it meant i would pass. Im fine with not smoking for 6 months, i mean, it sucks, but manageable. but if their was a way i could pass, i would rather do that than abstain for 6 months ya know?
  6. True, true.
    Well if you're that desperate, I'd go with the plan that bubbling suggested, get some clean piss from a friend and hope for the best.
  7. You can purchase dehydrated urine for this purpose at various places on the internet. You can also buy synthetic urine that's "guaranteed" to pass a DT...

    My sis uses the latter to pass tests at her job.
  8. yeah i would use a friend's pee, although i would have problems finding a clean friend hehe.
    yeah im thinkin ill probably go the synthetic urine route. i am through my first month and ive been testing them out, and they never come into the bathroom with me. and the sinks are on too. ;) so usually im pretty hydrated, not so that my piss is really clear, just pale pale yellow. and they have never said a thing. but dont need to worry about that part atm because i am clean.
    thanks for the help blades.

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