Evaluating N-P-K Numbers with Organic Fertilizers

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  1. Why is this on there?
    Dyna-Gro \t0-0-3 Liquid ProTeKt \tMislabeled product \t12-Jul-10

    And I see Down to Earth and Bio Ag as well. Any knowledge on the mislabeling? I assume all the unregistered ones are just that, a lack of paperwork provided on the part of the company. And Vermicrop is from OR! I almost get it if you're from out of State, but c'mon...

  2. bump

    c'mon LD. We all know you have connections and friends. What's the deal here? Given your support of Bio Ag on this site, it would be nice to hear from you on this.
  3. Eco12

    I missed your question. On the Pro-TeKt product and others containing Silica (SiO2), for some weird reason ODA changed a few regulations around several months back and whereas this element was not required to be listed previously, from such & such a date that would be changing. This is why, depending on where you live, when you look at the label on Pro-TeKt it may have a listing of: Silicon (SiO2) - 7.8%

    The lack of this listing is confusing to most because while it's recommended as a source of Silica you wouldn't know it from the label. All that you see on the label is Potassium Silicate.

    When a product is delisted by ODA and in particular on a minor issue like this one there is an 'out' called Section 10 which allows the manufacturer, distributor and especially the retailer to reduce current inventory through normal sales, i.e. you don't have to sharply discount it or anything draconian like that.

    On the new product coming into inventory then you'll want to have those issues resolved. Not exactly rocket science - perhaps someone could help Mike up at Advanced Nutrients. He finds this process particularly challenging.

  4. The ingredients in SuperThrive have remained as enigmatic as such topics as jfk, marylin monroe, j. edgar, and the holy grail. I'll throw out that we should start a pool, collect some money, contact any three of the following companies and have them do a blind test analysis on a SuperThrive.

    Mass Spectrometry Services

    And just kind of lay it to rest. What would it cost? $1000 per test? LD you're probably most knowledgeable or have the contacts to investigate doing this type of test AND perhaps publishing the results. I mean it has been going on for 100 yrs. Let's see what makes this dog hunt.

    I'm in for $10. :)

  5. Possum

    When all of this came to a head a couple of years back, it was not only Oregon that banned this product - even Oklahoma joined in. There were several foreign countries involved as well. New Zealand seems to ring a memory bell but I could be wrong. I don't remember which country that it was specifically, but the lab analysis that was used to trigger the NPA component in that country later because the basis for the action by us in Oregon and elsewhere.

    Like I've said before, the main reason for going after Superthrive initially is that their entire operation is in violation of any state's laws. It's beyond egregious. Just reading the label should be enough to stop the production and sales.

    Think about it - what happens when a parent brings in a child to the emergency room who has ingested this gunk and the doctors have no way to ascertain how to treat the kid because it's all 'secret' and 'proprietary' - all because it's some kind of magical elixir needed to grow dope? LMAO

  6. Why test it? We clearly do not need it. Personally i don't give a rip what's in it......MIW

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