eva monster is sick even after flushing

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  1. Hi all, I dont know what to do at this point, im growing in a combo of ff ocean forest , ff light warrior,canadian peat,worm castings and perlite,
    using 3 leds that equal about 900 watts, in 7 gal pots with a scrog screen
    my nutrients are the ff trio bb gb and tiger bloom
    i flushed it yesterday with reg water phed to 6.3 and after 9 gal the runoff was 6.3
    today the plant is almost necrophic around the bottom
    i'm seriously at a loss for what to do , my pineapple chunk and eva pink plant is flourishing

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  2. man your plant is fine. your stressing about a couple burnt leaves..
  3. As to "getting better" once parts of leaves turn a different color from a deficiency or nute burn, those parts do not turn green again. So unless the brown parts progress, you should be OK.
  4. I really wish you could see what I see.
    the plant hasn't grown in almost 2 weeks, the other 2 are doing great,but around the bottom of this one it seems like one leaf after the other is getting dark and crispy then dying and if you look at some of the newer (not newest) growth its got nutr. burn on the tips
    I just dont understand how im doing the EXACT same thing to all 3 plants and this one is dying
    I'm about to give the other 2 a worm tea mixture in 48 hrs and was wondering if that would help it.
    I'm learning that every strain is different as far as strengths and weaknesses,but shit!
  5. i have 2 plant exact same everything. and when i started to flower one turned all yellow and crispy leaves was stressing the first 2 weeks of flower. i just kept on trucking and now the thing has hugs budz =)
    your still vegging them?
  6. thx for the advice pinkbear, and btw I think your yield thread is a great idea,I'll be putting mine down when they are done,its nice to know where we all stand with different types of growing styles

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