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  1. My friend just got back from gemeny and he has alot of Euro money. Just wondering I can pay in Euros if I live in the states?
  2. Chances are that you'll not be able to use then in the usa!!!...but you will be able to exchange them at any currency convertor shop.....the euro is shit.....stick with the £ for the u.k.....too many price hikes for my likeing for the euro......Peace out....Sid
  3. What do you mean? In the USA off course you can't pay with the EURO, but you can use the money in our shop if you want to use it buy cash or something. The EURO is definelty not shit!! It is true prices have risen, but it is more a flattening out to make prices in the whole of EUROPE more eqeal. It took a very long time beore I got used to a whole new currency overnight, but just imagine that you would have to use a different currency in every state in the US, that was pretty much the situation in EUROPE. Also Brittian will get the EURO eventualy it is a matter of time. Resistance is futile :) my friend Sid!

  4. As for my last statement....i was pished when i wrote it....hence the whole spending it in the USA i do stand by what i said about the euro....when i went to andorra on the 20th jan this year, it had just been introduced, so they still had the prices in ff and in pesetas, and if you converted the ff or peseta prices into £ they were ripping you off by as much as 25%, also the fact that everything was rounded to the nearest euro.....for example there was a pool table that had just been converted and still had the peseta price on it...250 per game which converted at the time would be approx £1.....but they changed it to 2 Euros at the time was approx £ just gave people an excuse to rip others off with the misunderstanding of the new currency.......and the first copies were on the streets the same day as the Euro...i mean a £500 note!!! whats that all about? for Britain joining way on earth!....the people will not vote for it, not when Germany wants out of it, it's that bad....the other point that they will not join it is because the pound is a lot stronger now than it has been for a long's that old saying my friend...."if it's not fucked, don't try and fix it!"......Peace out.....Sid
  5. I will welcome all donations of Euros', i agree they're shit and should be sent directly to me for disposal.
    many thanks.....
  6. lol....ok i'll send you all the euros i have....=0.....Peace out....Sid

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