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  1. So I'm studying abroad in Dublin this fall and I plan on doing some traveling on the weekends around Europe. I wanted to start this thread for any recommendations on where I should go for some bomb weed (preferably with lax restrictions on it :D). Besides from the obvious Amsterdam, are there any cities that are toker friendly? I was thinking Copenhagen and Barcelona... they seem to have pretty good reviews on WeBeHigh.

    I'll also welcome any other travel recommendations (my travels aren't gonna revolve around ONLY weed!). Specifically recommendations for good clubs around music for house/trace/progressive music. Go crazy! :hello:
  2. Go to Ibiza.

    Not to partake in any real cultural significance.

    Its just an island....full of hedonism and debauchery and quite a few naked/half-naked women.

  3. Haha I'm a girl actually but yea I know my guy friend would love that. I definitely do want to go to Ibiza, a lot of the top DJs play at clubs there. The ticket is a bit expensive but I'm gonna try to make it happen!

    Did you go? Any good stories? :ey:
  4. the omni in frankfurt if theyre still open...
  5. When you're coming to this dump, PM me and I'll send you my number. Get an Irish mobile phone when you're here.. they're not that expensive (around 20 dollars) for pay as you go. Most of my mates from France and the US in college say that's the first thing they should of done when they got here lol.
    Oh! And I did promise you that tour of our em.. 'beautiful' city :D

    Be warned, us Irish tend to refer to Ireland as the 'rip off republic'
    Hope you don't smoke cigs, they're around $11!!

  6. did a google search and I couldn't find much. is that a club?

    Haha why is it the "rip off republic"?
    And I'm from NYC where cigs cost 12$+ Although I was surprised to learn that you can't even smoke in bars in Dublin! Wtf! That sounds like some American BS... I was looking forward to giving myself cirrhosis and lung cancer at the same time :(
  7. yeah thats because im a dumbass and said omni instead of omen......:le:
  8. Rip off republic because everythinggggg is so expensive.

    Nope, you can't smoke indoors :(
    It's a load of shit. It's fuckin ireland like.

    Hmm, well €9 ($11) is a lot compared to what they were. When I started to smoke, they were only €6/7

  9. Eh, I'm from NYC. That's pretty standard for me too unfortunately haha

  10. Yay for travelling females! :hello: You'll have a blast. Just watch your drink.

    I lived in Spain for a while and went there during the festival of San...."insert saint here". It must have been a big deal because it felt like all of Spain closed down for the weekend.

    Anyway, yada yada on, so forth....we came, we partied, we woke up in Africa.

    Im pretty sure I had a fabulous time though.

  11. You're not getting off that easy. I want to hear this story! How did you get back?
  12. Okay, kid, settle in.... this is gonna be a long one....

    Actually, it can't be that long, im at work and my phone is 15%.

    Basically, we were really really lucky because even though my shoes were missing, I still had my passport (dumb move) case thingy on me which had some cash and my credit cards.

    Another lucky move was that on that particular weekend, my instructor had taken some of our classmates to Morocco for the long weekend. After much fumbling and a little shopping and an awful lot of crying (mostly on my part because shit, I was in mostly Muslim country with no shoes), we managed to meet up with him and he walked us through getting back home.

    I have a few pictures of that weekend which gave me little tidbits of info but I still have no idea how we ended up there or what we did that night. I really topped myself with that experience though.

    But yeah, Ibiza= lots of fun. Just don't end up on another continent.
  13. It's decriminalized in Lisbon, Portugal.
  14. [quote name='"Jitros067"']It's decriminalized in Lisbon, Portugal.[/quote]

    Only in Lisbon? Or all over Portugal? And what does decriminalized mean? Like will I get in trouble if a a cop sees me buying it or if I smoke it in public?
  15. France is nice. Although, i'd avoid Paris. It's a bit too full of Parisians for my liking...

    Just listen for North Africans saying "sheeet" and you'll probably be on the right tracks for finding something to toke on.

  16. Decrminalized means that it's not legal it's just, moderated I guess? There are certain regulations and restrictions like you can only hold a certain amount and can't smoke in public etc

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