Euromillions in 30 mins 112 million up for grabs

Discussion in 'General' started by monster90, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. So as the title states theres 112 mill up for grabs stupid odds yes but was wondering what would anybody do if they won that amount. ???
  2. Live off the interest and do nothing all day.
  3. Exchange it for American dollars so I can actually use it


    i'd buy a small house and a small car, keep my job and put it all away. do what i need to do and maybe retire early :D

    that and invest some of it back into the european economy :hello:
  5. Move to a 3rd world country and become King. Just one small step towards world domination.
  6. someone in England won it

    *Grabs ticket*
  7. I'd buy a hellllla chilln house in sicily and put the rest in the bank
  8. Hard to type while your fainting?? :confused::D
  9. You dont have to be rich to do nothing. Look at my cousin hes broke and dont do shit
  10. Donate it to the PBS. I have always wanted one of those mugs.
  11. Wouldn't be able to tell you till it actually happened....
  12. I'd probably die of a heart attack, at a young age.

    But really ... I wouldn't want any of that money.

  13. Yes you would.
  14. I'd be a professional bum.
  15. Why so serious?
  16. get a stealth bomber and make it rain money.
  17. Over ANTARTICA, Just because you CAN!

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