Euro 2004: Let's toke up together

Discussion in 'General' started by Mr Skinner, Jul 1, 2004.

  1. Ok, here it comes: When the referee blows the whistle in the finals, we all spark up simultaneously. Who's in?
  2. I'm in!!! Gooooooooo PORTUGAL!
  3. im in!! :D id like to see portugal win the euro, itd be huge for the country! get those splifs ready!
  4. I'm in, for sure. Portugal, w00t.
  5. hell yeah...finaly some1 is using their fking head :D
  6. Ok, since it's gonna be Greece vs Portugal, I'm gonna support the Portugese. Would've been a bit more torn between the finalists if Czech Rep. had won this one (although they kicked Germany out, but that was deserved).

    Go Portugal
  7. Did you know that in Portugal they aren't letting them serve alcohol in the stadium but they are letting them smoke marijuana! they reason why is because they believe it will mellow people out and won't cause any soccer riots....hahaha, right they are!
  8. Wow, cool

    'n they got some wicked shit down there, too. Was there 2 years ago. Man, nice place...
  9. Yeah, i've heard the main land was nice but have you ever been to any of the islands, the azores?
  10. Nope, never been there. But me rents were on Kap Verde last year. They said it was a surfer's paradise. But it's soooo expensive.

    Yes, bit over an hour til kickoff. Got yer j's ready?
  11. Ok.....officially: That was the weirdest Euro ever.

    Portugal - Greece 0:1

    Oh what the hack....i'm gonna go out 'n have a blast anyway...

    Toke on
  12. Lol, I never even ended up wathcing the match, just flicked onto it every now and then. Im dissapointed portugal never one, it really would have made the competition complete, the whole stadium could have gone crazy.
  13. I smoked a little joint before the game and a bit of hash after haha. It was a good game, I enjoyed it, especially at the end when this crazy dude ran out into the field. The security guys started chasing him so he took of. He went full speed right into the net. hahaha it was soooo fuckin funny I laughed for 5 minutes straight. It was definetly the highlight of the game.

    I wasnt really cheering for anyone...just wanted to watch it.
  14. Greece won, haha, yaya


  15. well I missed the game, due to work :/ but I did catch the WOMENS US team play canada in a friendly :) woooooo are those girrrrls HOT mmmmmmmmm!!! :p:D :p :D
  16. I prefer women's beach volley. Darn there are some sexy butts in that game

    I won $50.

  18. ha ha

    my friend would of won 350 pound, but he lost his betting slip...
  19. That's a lot of squid.
  20. I just saw USA vs Norway a few days age. Damn that Holly McPeak is hot. I came home from the nightshift but couldn't go to sleep til the match was over

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