Eurabia (video)

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  1. Sup ladies.

    watch this and tell me what us what you think

    [ame=]YouTube - Muslim Demographics[/ame]
  2. It's ok, In America this is who we do it. Eat that Muslims.

    [ame=]YouTube - 19 Kids & Counting Sneak Peek![/ame]

    In reality we are similar to Euro except it's not Muslim here it's Hispanic immigration and our fertility rate is 2.1 and has been rising since bottoming at 1.74 in the 70s. Probably mostly to Hispanic births.
  3. That video seems to be a fairly unbiased report, except in the end when it says to "share the gospel message with the changing world...this is a call to action!"
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    Yeah, I saw this a while ago. I researched it, and all of the information this video uses came from Christian conspiracy websites. Totally not unbiased. The same argument is used by others to claim that Mexicans are trying to take over the US. It's just absurd, and at the heart of the argument is racism. Some people are afraid that whites won't be the "superior" race anymore. :rolleyes:

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