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Euphoric driving??

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dailyuser, Aug 30, 2003.

  1. hey everyone! Wondering if anyone has experienced euphoria while your high and drivng. I love to drive stoned and it's kinda euphoric!
  2. what do you mean exactley?
  3. wohou ..

    here is a medical point f view VERY interessting.

    the aim of the test was to point out which of drinking or smoking was the most driving dangerous.

    they toke measure during the morning, had lunch, 50% of the test subjects drank, while the other half smoked, and the afternoon they toke the same measures.

    here is theconclusion:
    alcool is dangerous, whereas the thc CERTENLY NOT.

    someone stoned will have a tendancy to actually concentrate on driving, will double check everything (mirrors, distances, trafic lights etc), will augment his braking distances, nderstimate his ability to react in case of danger.
    n the contrary the drunk driver tends to drive carefully but focuses on one single aspect of the driving (be it speed, traffic lights..) and actully overestimate his reflexe capabilities.

    I personnaly do not drive while high. I think it is irresponsable, because one is NOT IN HIS NORMAL PHYSCHOLOGICAL STATE when high. one may still be able to drive, but as not learned to drive in such state.
    (I consider myself capable to drive while high; I resent doing so, and usualy wait to have come down)


    to answer your question: no i never did. :) (I sometime felt guilt being not alone in the car..)
  4. I find it to be a real fun activity to do while high, it's like a real life car driving video game.

    One that has deadly outcomes if you lose..

  5. ouuu i think i see the euphoria you dig.
    let's see driving as a fin activity hile stoned.. nahh

    when I get it on my roller blade... i go faster than neo when high on my blades.
    that's the kinda euphoria you're talking about ?..

    actually there's also sex but that's another thread..
    "souvenir souvenir" LOL
  6. I get a state of euphoria while driving narrow back roads really fast while sober. It's fun while stoned, too, but I go much slower to be safe(r). One night I was driving (pretty fast) down a back road (while high) grinning ear to ear and I realized that the happiest that I ever am is when I'm driving. Sometimes my day will be shitty, but if I get to drive whatever pace I feel like with no one blocking me I smile so much.
  7. Driving... weird when stoned! Everytime I put the keys in the ignition I get a sudden guilt trip(one of those deep emotional thingies that you see in the "my kid was smacked by a drunk arse motha focker), but then I turn the key and I am like "FUCK YA LETS ROLL!!" Driving is very euphoric, to me I get very hightened sense of awareness, but I also get lost VERY easy, haha..

  8. I feel the same way...driving is my therapy :D
  9. lets see, driving whist high has these effects upon me:

    1) i get lost. i don't know whether i'm going south on the highway, north on the highway, whether i changed highways, or whether i'm even on a highway.

    2) parking jobs get harder. i'd never scratched my car until the fifth or sixed time i drove high. i guess i underestimated the size of my car =/ got a rather obnoxious scratch on my bumper. my parents still don't know

    3) concentrate on everything too much. then i miss a light or i brake too late.

    4) totally euphoric!!! if you see me drumming on my steering wheel blasting heavy metal like soilwork, in california, its me!
  10. enough said man it rocks
  11. i love to drive around while baked..... have a friend in the car crusin around on a nice day listening to tunes can be rather enjoyable...... i don't know if euphoria, but it sure is nice.....
  12. i get lost all the time while driving stoned. my record is 4 hours and about 200 miles. im very safe while driving stoned. its easy after the first time
  13. what does joinor member mean
  14. I've driven while high several houndred times. I've never been in a car accident, stoned or sober(well atleast not while driving). I say if weed gets legalized they should give out Weed licenses. You pass the test stoned on a closed course, you can drive stoned!

  15. you did not just say soilwork. FUCKING METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. agreed. where do i postulate?

    they do provide the dope, right?
    that's one test I may be willing to pass again ..

    ouahahahahah LOL

  17. soilwork rocks man. inflames too. i neeeeed to go to a soilwork concert. where do you live thccrystals?

  18. NY. I've seen soilwork 3 times. Loved em since TCM. I AM THE SLEDGEHAMMER MESSIAH...

  19. they are saying you have an inferior wang. o wait...

  20. cool i go to college in ny. in the middle of nowhere. u're not who i think you are, are you?

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