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Euphoria unlimited?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by gaba, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. I always thought was BS but now i'm really sure

    go check it out they have a strain called Euphoria Unlimited and read about it. Supposedly it is so strong you get high for 8 hours lol. That has got to be BS.

    They also want $1000 for 10 seeds!
  2. I see they subscribe to the PT Barnum school of thought.

    "There's a sucker born every minute". :rolleyes:
  3. yeah plus they are cash only you have to mail them cash money and you know they are just going to send you an envelope with a little card in it saying it was confiscated lol
  4. Nah, the company who sells the seeds is BC Seeds located in Canada, they are legit and will send you a new batch if it gets confiscated. I can't verify that the info about that new strain is true but I've read about these guys and watched a documentary about them, they're the biggest seed distributor in the world i believe.
  5. im buyin some.:D
  6. Shit like this makes me wonder....
  7. So does that company cater only to idiots?
  8. Yah i agree, that company is B/S
  9. I find it hard to believe as well....but I would LOVE to get my hands on some to give it a try. :D If someone does get some seeds and actually goes through with it...POST UP SOME PICS/INFO ASAP!!

  10. The price is now $590 Canadian, I hope some sorry bastard didn't buy it when it was thousands lol.

    BC Seeds
  11. It's probably just a learning tool for young teenage tools. Lol, no offense, I'm just saying. Today's youth can't go on forever obsessing over MJ seeds. If they are forced to either pay a lot for a few, or learn how to produce their own, they are bound to suceed past addiction and turmoil.
  12. Read the Disclaimer on and you'll find:

    "Even though our website tells fictional stories and thc levels, they are for entertainments purposes only and should not be considered fact or promote the use of any product for anything in conflict with the law. This site does not actually sell any products, we design and sell websites that are entertaining and we try to include legal disclaimers as promotion to help sell websites. All information provided is for fun and should not be taken seriously."
  13. BC seeds has been on the bad seed company list over at "Greenman Seed Bank Update" as long as I can remember(10 plus years). This is a very old Non-profit seed bank rating system or web site.

    Why are we even debating this FAKE seed company. we are doing nothing but giving them free advertising!!! Scroll down the page about 3/4 of the way. You will find the BC Seeds in the BAD seed company list. There's a Green man's copy cat page in this section, which also sells seeds or did.

    This next RED section is Cut and Pasted from the actual "Greenman" site. BC seeds are second from the top.

    This is the rip-off section. The following seedbanks I've heard many bad things about. They are NOT recommended. aka means also known as. X means they seldom or never send the product. N means sending non viable seeds (non sprouting seeds) M indicates they send very inferior seeds or nothing at all

    A-1 Seedbank (X,N)
    BC Seeds (X,M)
    Beeoo (X)
    Fairlight (X,N)
    Greenmanspage (X,M) (X) Software Services aka Cannabis4u aka Medical hemp aka [L.Pafort] (X)
    Richies Seedshack (X)
    Stinkey's (X)
    Weedseed (X)
    Pot a Gold (X)

    They have some award winning strains from other breeders. But have never won an award for any of thier stains. As far as I am concerned this is just a fancy looking rip off site. Noone is recomending "BC Seeds" here or anywhere else, and if they were, they are most likely FAKE themselves(Shills).
  14. I hope you guys are all over 18....
  15. Damn that plant looks like fucking... God's own personal plant lol.

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