EU parliament head: We won’t boycott Israel

Discussion in 'Politics' started by J-DILLA, Feb 13, 2014.


    Well I guess that leaves the useless leftist "activists" to continue using Israeli products while calling for a boycott...
  2. You fail to mention the fact that the religious nuts in the Israeli parliament roared abuse at him throughout his speech. Government ministers and all...

    The people can decide for themselves whether to Boycott Israel. They don't need a government to make them...

    Sent from the back of a fat donkey....
  3. I don't think the EU parliament gets to choose.
  4. lol

    Sent from Israel, the land of the jews.
  5. :yawn:
  6. uh....this. how the hell is that gonna work lol? government buys up whatever citizens refuse?
  7. It means it just leaves the useless leftist groups to continue the same stuff they have been at since 2005..

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