1. I've been searching etsy and have found tons of nice glass pipes but haven't been able to find bongs, bubblers or a/c. Maybe one or two here and there. What is it under? I've searched the tags for bubblers, bongs, water bongs and such. Thanks for the help
  2. Didn't Etsy recently crack down on so-called "paraphenalia" and boot dozens of crafters?
  3. Etsy banned the sale of glassware a few months back ... so the selection will be very sparse.
    Some artists moved to artfire.com ... probably have better luck there.
  4. They only have spoon pipes now...theglasskiln.com is a website you should keep you eye on, some artist are moving there
  5. That's too bad about etsy but I'll check out those other places. Its nice to get one of a kind type of glass, something rarer.
  6. Yeah, they banned sales of pipes and bongs.

    But, if you find an artist selling chillums, or glass blunts, PM them and ask if they can do a pipe for them.

    I mean, ETSY doesn't need to be in this transaction because you can send money just through Paypal.
  7. Also try artfire

  8. guess im a hater because i know the difference between fake and real RooRs.... lol

    btw, thats really fake.
  9. ETSY still has 32 pages of glass spoons last I checked 2 days ago...pretty solid lol. No bongs though :( few sherlocks, maybe like one bubbler lol.
  10. When I was picking up this bubbler, I couldn't find a HS in Pittsburgh, so I checked Etsy. On the first page was 6 individually sold Sherlock bubs, all for $25. Cheaply made, but the fact that they were there was at least something.
  11. Just kidding. I knew it was fake. I bought a fake once actually.. and it broke. So I bought a real MGW. Worked out in the end.
  12. so only a few bubblers but a good variety of dry pieces. although etsy's rules dont allow carb holes or visuals of carb holes.
  13. Etsy no good for real pieces anymore but still tones of cool smoking shit love etsy personally

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    My husband has been on etsy since.... I think 2006 and use to sell a lot of bongs, ac's, etc. They didn't ban all paraphernalia. Their regulations are..... nothing with a carb -- hence, you'll see many blowers selling spoons and such but you don't see the carb hole. Also, anything with fittings was band. And water pieces. Ummmmm..... I think that's the gist of their 'no-no's' with 420 and 710 glass.
  15. You can look up hammer pipes theyre bubblers but thats as far as you'll get.

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