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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by I am Sam, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, I'm pretty new to smoking and to this community. I was just wondering if you could help me out with just some general smoking etiquette. I see all of these posts about moochers and just general douchey people and I don't want to accidentally do something that might come across like that as my friends are pretty veteran smokers. Thanks and happy smoking!:smoke:
  2. Corner lip the bowl if your with a group of people, don't nig lip a joint.
  3. Corner the bowl
    Dont hog the joint/blunt
    If you break someones bong, expect to pay for it
    Smoke up someone if they smoke you up alot
    Dont bother your dealer for little purchases, especially if he drives 20 mins for $10
    Take it sloooow with g bongs
    Zippos + Bowls = Bye bye braincells, hello headache
    Quality > Quantity
    Puff puff (sneak in a puff ;P ) pass
    Share your munchies!!
    NEVER blow your smoke in someones face.
  4. Don't ask your friends to smoke you out. Don't hate on their bud. Don't throw down like 1/10th of what everyone else does. Be even. Don't be an Asshole in general. If you follow that, you'll be a fine smoker, and I'd be down to smoke with you
  5. If smoking with a group pay them what u smoked that's what I do with my friends I don't no about other peoples perspectives on that
  6. Please, please, I beg of you, don't slobber on joints. Hold the joint with your fingertips, and put your lips on your fingers. NOT the joint. :D
  7. Offer to pay. Don't torch the bowl. Keep it cornered. Inhale your hits. Don't do something stupid like blow into the bowl, flip it over or drop it.
  8. What does it mean to nig lip a joint?
  9. Get it all wet and gross. It won't smoke well if u do that
  10. [quote name='"I am Sam"']
    What does it mean to nig lip a joint?[/quote]

    Get it all wet by pitting your sloppy lips all over it

  11. Make it all slobbery and wet. Never do that.
  12. Never ever steal weed from a person when your having a session, if u do no one will smoke with u
  13. When rolling a blunt, NEVER get blunt wraps.
  14. Don't take other peoples lighters
  15. Dont be the story teller who when the joint/spoon gets to you,
    You keep telling your story and takes multible hits and not continue
    to pass it.

    Hit it once and pass it!

    Dont be the ego asshole in the group either. Smoking weed isnt
    about trying to be "cooler" than the next person. There is always
    1 in the group most times and very easy to spot.

    Dont "beg" your bro to hook you up or smoke you out.

    AND..If you have a sak and share...Dont feel obligated to have
    to smoke your whole sak in a group. (unless you want to)

    Some people will "beg" you to keep smoking bowl after bowl. Dont be like that.

  16. -Keep lighters in roto
    -Blunts and Joints are 2 hits each, and bong device is 1 hit pass
    -Quality over Quantity anyday of the week... There is no way .5 of mids is gonna get me high like 1 hit of medical shit.. You'll notice the difference once you bring your tolerance up
    -After your hits take a big breath of fresh air.. You'll get a lot higher because you push the smoke into your lungs and it absorbs a lot more. If your with a bunch of people you'll notice 9/10 people do this.
    -Take your hit and pass. Don't get the bong and sit back.. Same with joints/blunts.. Take your 2 hits and pass it.. Don't let it burn out in your hands :eek:

    Other than that it is mostly just like moral values.. Match people on their amount, not less than them.. Always be the first to throw down money or weed for a group of people. Your way more likely to be smoked out by people in the future and people respect that kind of stuff.
  17. Don't be an asshole if there is someone tripping out don't fuck with him. Don't be all jumpy when your smoking it takes the relaxation out of it
  18. Thanks for all of the advice! You guys are awesome!! :hello:
  19. Oh yeah..When in a group..Just have fun and be mature.

    Its really not cool to bust on how people hit the spoon/joint/bong.
    Everyone has there own techniques. If you see someone really
    messing up like just hitting it wrong..Help them out.

    Remember..We were all noobs once and have all messed up taking hits.

    Its ok to have fun and laugh but dont cross the line :cool:

    AND>>>>>Your welcome! Hope I was able to help :smoke:

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