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Etiquette when smoking in groups

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by m00zix, Jul 10, 2011.

  1. I'm sorry if there is a thread already like this, I tried searching for it but to no avail..

    Anyways, in this thread post what etiquette you think should be dictated when smoking in a group. ie: pass to the left, system for which people get "greens," etc. I'm sure this varies greatly, so lets hear it :D
  2. Sometimes I pass to the right just to be a bastard.
  3. You are the scum of the Earth.. LOLJKBR0. But seriously..
  4. The left hand side, man.
  5. if you whale the bong and wet weed you must replace said weed. If thall shall spill bong water thall shall clean said bong water.
  6. just pass it to the guy next to you, dont smoke to long, or half it,


    if you can get some and they cant then just say "wanna put in?"
    if they are good freinds then do it even. if they are just people u know then you get to smoke for free
  7. Thou shalt Fix the FUCKIN' run if it starts forming on your turn.
  8. Don't be snoop.
  9. Whoever's weed it is gets the greens. Pass to tha left. Don't rip the shit outa the bowl.(even though in my group no one cares about cornering) If you cant clear your hit on the bong we skip you once. If you drop the bowl and the weed falls out you have to replace it.
  10. My weed.

    My rules.
  11. Fucking share!
  12. Haha I like that one. Definitely implementing it :smoke:

  13. Lol i made this rule after I bought my first bong because i have a friend that smokes with us sometimes and he always takes rips too big for him and we have to end up clearing his stale smoke. And he always cherries it and it's just such a fuckin waste of weed. But he's a Blunt man himself so who can blame him. :bongin:
  14. No n*gga lippin
  15. Everyone has their own fucking joint. No passing necessary. :)
  16. I thought I'd never say this... But I like the way you roll, Elton John!

  17. this.
    also, always corner the bowl and if the bowl goes out on you, you get greens! if you're cool enough :cool:

  18. yeah agreed hahhaa
  19. Person with the weed dictates who gets greens. Which way it's passed is up to whoever got greens. Doesn't really matter much to us, we all get high in the end. If you're with a group of courteous decent people, you don't need a set of rules to dictate your smoking experience. Me and my friends figure out how to get high without getting butthurt.
  20. Whoever's weed decides greens. Pipes to the right, joints to the left. If the water is in limited supply, be conservative. If you have someone else's lighter and they ask for it back, give it back. NEVER grab at someone else's weed without permission. If you're preoccupied and the bowl lands on you, you get skipped unless you finish up. Wipe the slobber off the bowl. Don't be an asshole, we're all equals. Never leave a man behind. Don't make it your first instinct to run.

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