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  1. I have been hearing a lot about Ethos genetics. I would like anyone that has grown plants with Ethos genetics to tell me their favorite strain? And which seed bank did they got them from.

    Thanks in advance!

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  2. Looks like a lotta hype around them. I feel like they went real hard on the runtz and now everything they have looks like candy flavor variants.
  3. Ethos is one of the few descent US seed companies.
  4. I've grown several of their auto flowers and several of their photo period varieties. They are among the top breeders I've ever grown. The auto flowers I've grown and they would match anything I've ever grown in strength,smell and taste. Pina auto R Bx2, Lilac Diesel auto R Bx2 and Banana Daddy auto R Bx2. The photo period I grew was a Punchline BX1 freebie. I am currently growing an End game "Punch Line" which is a slightly different cross than the original punch Line BX1, it is in week 4 od flower. I am also growing out a Zweet Inzanity, I flipped it to flower last night. I train my plants in a mainline or in these cases and augmented mainline fashion as it works best with my lighting and my current yield requirements. Here's the Punch line. 20230112_121616.jpg Here's the Zweet Inzanity. 20230112_121652.jpg
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  5. I get my seeds from NorthAtlanticSeed. Favorite auto flower-Banana Daddy. Favorite Photo period-Punch Line.
  6. Those plants look gorgeous @TimJ! Which seedbank are you buying your Ethos seeds from?
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  7. Thanks. I posted it above this post. NorthAtlanticseed.

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