ethogentic stuff I just ordered.

Discussion in 'General' started by XZit, Jun 25, 2004.

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  1. hey yall--
    My friend and I just ordered a bunch of ethogentic shit off of
    anyhow--heres what we ordered and I would REALLY like it if one of you has done ANY of these things to just tell me your experiance--wheter positive or negative.

    heres what we ordered:

    Non-Standardized \"10x\" Salvia Extract

    Mimosa hostilis Root Bark (according to this is basically DMT)

    Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds (Hawaii) - VIABLE (has LSA in it)

    Sinicuichi (Sun Opener)

    Salu Henbane Shaman Blend (Henbane is reportaly very psyadelic--I guess I\'ll see what

    Wormwood Cut & Sifted (Artemisia absinthum)

    Standardized \"5x\" Salvia Extract

  2. You\'re in for a good time. : - D
  3. alright I just got the order less then 10min ago.
    And lets see...

    well it all came--they even attached descriptions of the stuff to the specific extracts/insenses.

    Great job.

    Well lets see...
    I ordered a ounce of wormwood--which is a shit load, so I have pleanty to work with there.

    And I also got a ounce of mimosa hostilis rootbark. Yet according to the reports on people where using 20 grams for a good trip and the little bag I got says that its only 2.8 grams-yet the amount of root bark is more then enough for a crazy trip if you ate all of it.

    I dunno--I guess my friend and I will just prepare the \"mimosa drink\" and drink it and hope somthing happens.

    The woodrose seeds came--all 50 of them--and these are the best woodrose seeds you can buy also.

    all the salvia extract came (the 10X and the 5X) and its really good looking extract--like REALLY good looking extract--it should go a long ways.

    the Sinicuichi came as well--a whole ounce--I haven\'t read many reports about this stuff on but it is reportaly pretty good for tripping.

    and the Salu Henbane Shaman Blend came as well--a small bagy with a little bit of white powder in the bag.
    This stuff my friend and I just HAD to buy becuase doesn\'t have any reports on this stuff--and the description that came with the henbane actually has a WARNING on it saying don\'t get to close to the insense becuase its reportally very psycotiriactive (sp).
    So this stuff should be one hell of a trip experiment.

    Well ok I have a quick question for you people.
    DO you know if its possible to actually SMOKE wormwood?
    Or can you only drink it?


    PS: I\'ll keep you all updated when my friend and I finally do try this stuff.
  4. NOTE: I guess I forgot to think for a min their.
    This stuff is ALL dried--not one of these is \"Fresh\" shit.

    So for example the root bark is PURE root bark--but its dried.
    So infact I actually got more then I would of have otherwise if say I ordered fresh rootbark.
    So instead I got some DRY root bark--and still a ounce worth.

    That goes for all the stuff--the wormwood, and everything else.
  5. You could make some killer absinthe with all that shit... add a couple new ingredients and you could get really really fucked up.

    have fun with all that shit and let us know how it goes.
  6. lol ok I\'m so fucking out of it.
    Ok I looked closer at the bag and it actually says 28 grams per 1 2.8 grams--shit I\'m such a

    Ya so basically I have 28 grams of mimosa rootbark--which is enough for 1 trip each for my friend and I.
    I\'m not sure how I\'m going to prepare it though--

    We could eat the roots out right.
    Or soak them in water.
    Or I could actually grow some DMT crystals on the stuff. (basically extraction)

    that goes for everything else to--so 28 grams of everything except the shaman blend, and the salvia
  7. aight I\'m back with a couple updates on some of the drugs that have been tried so far.

    Well my friend and I took the Sinicuichi and made an extract from it and let it dry out.

    Then last monday we went to the beach and smoked the shit, drank a bunch--it was fun.
    I smoked most of the extract--
    So I\'ll post my experiance of Sinicuichi.

    Well first of all I was distitclvly drunk--but I could totally tell the effects of the alcholol and the sinicuichi apart from eachother.

    Anyhow--after I smoked the stuff everything was WAY more clearer--and audio (hearing) sounded very faint and off in a distance-it sounded like I was put into a rave and trying to listen to a friend shout at me from the other side of the room.

    Visually--everything was WAY clear--the water was clear as hell-I could see every wave and ripple and color.
    Driving back home I looked at the mood and I could actually see two moons--it was very hard for me to focus on one thing.

    Ok next \"drug\"
    The woodrose seeds.
    Well I didn\'t take a good dose of these yet--but I will post what my friends girlfriends experiance was on these, and my friends experiance.

    Anyhow--so him, and his girlfriend took 5 each.
    I\'ll write about her experiance first.

    So at the beach she was having a great time-but then some thing happened and she went off with her friend to some party-and note that changing enviroments when on somthing like this kicks it write into a bad trip.
    So anyhow she told me that at the party everyones faces where changing to different faces--going back and forth to different people that shes known--and she also stated that one guys face that was talking to her morphed and he suddently had no mouth (remember in the matrix where the agents seal up neos mouth? Thats what her friend looked like)
    So then she said she went back to the apartment and was laying ontop of her boyfriend (my friend) and she said she could see a bunch of swirly colors and visuualizations all around him.

    Ok now for my friend Dav.
    My friend Dav had a good trip becuase he stayed in the same spot (on the beach)
    he said everything was HELLA clear to him, and he got some minor hallucinations (note that hes had hella experiance with psycadelics)
    So anyhow he had a good trip--he got some realizations (which is what this stuff does--it helps you to \"realize\" stuff e.t.c.)
    He also said that this stuff is hella strong-

    So over all--if you are ever planning on woodrose seeds--expect to stay in one place, no stress for the day, and just chill with some friends (make sure you have a sitter).
    Becuase woodrose seeds are NOTHING to be underestimated--these are stronger then lsd--and the trip is much longer (the peak comes about 2-3 hours after you take them).

    Today I\'m actually going to do an experiment with my wormwood and do the same extraction process I did with the Sinicuichi but use alcholol instead (so I will have a extracted form of wormwood--which will contain absintum AND thojone.
    It will be interesting.

    I\'ll keep you all updated.

  8. well I read all that shit on about making absinthe.
    Absinthe just seems a pain in the ass--
    and it won\'t always work either...
    plus the wormwood was only $2 so I went ahead and I used half my bag of wormwood today and I made extract--so I used alcholol and water to extract the thojone, and the absinthum out of the wormwood--I\'ll try smoking it later.
  9. update agian.
    well recently I just made an extraction out of the wormwood--so I took the wormwood, put it in a pot of water and simbly boiled the water down -and when all the water was gone I then removed the wormwood pieces and scraped the residue off the bottom (the actual wormwood) NOTE: that I used alcholol as well so I could extract some thojone-and the water extracts the absinthum.

    So anyhow I\'m left with some powdery-resin brown/black like shit-and I just smoked a little bit right now and its giving me a nice lightheaded feel--kinda like a pot buzz--but without the dumbness...

    If I smoked a bowl of this wormwood shit I bet somthing will happen.
    But then agian absinth --the drink isn\'t really somthing to get you really fucked up--it gets you a nice buzz--and a clear head.
    Thats basically how I feel now.

    I also just did the same extraction process (minus the alcholol) on the mimosa rootbark (not all of it--just some)
    And so I\'m left with a bunch of resin which is directly extracted from the rootbark--so it has a pretty high content of DMT in it.
    I\'m not going to even try to smoke this shit without a sitter--

    I\'ll keep you all updated.

  10. Aight updated time agian.
    this time on Salvia.
    I\'ll say my friends experiance first.

    First of all NOTE: make sure you have a sitter--and DO NOT underestimate this \"drug\", AND use the right enviroment--do your reading--becuase my friend did underestimate this \"drug\" and he tripped the hell out--like hella crazy...

    Anyhow so we packed a medium sized bowl of 10X salvia (note that it was to big of a bowl)
    Anyhow he lighted the bowl-and started to suck (bubbler) and then he held it in for a while--and then let all the smoke out.

    He then asked me somthing along the lines of \" you feel light headed to?\" and that was the last thing he said.
    Then what happened was a fucking crazy trip he tells me.
    This is all I can describe becuase he said he couldn\'t even describe it---not even in

    Basically as soon as he let the smoke out he felt a \"Force\" push him to the left--litearly push him--he actually stood up and started to clumsy walk to the left--and sat down by the fire place (note he has no recplection of this happening)

    He said that the effects (onset) was almost just like a wippit--with the same high pitch sound getting higher and higher--then the room went completly bonkers.
    He states that there was no center of gravity--everything was all fucked up and totally messed up--he said he could NOT see the room--he said it looked like a bunch of colors bouncing all over the place uncomtrolably--
    He this is when he the proceeded to walk over to the fireplace to sit down (remember the \"force\" pushing him that way\")
    And he then sat down-tripped out for about 2 more min and then said to me \"dude that was fucking insane...\"
    Then we proceeded to talk about his experiance for 2 hours or so.

    He said this was the most insane drug he has ever done-and hes done a lot of shit (drugs)--meth, lsd, lsa, dxm, pot, mdma (a lot--lol and railed this shit to), shrooms, coke, wippits, and other drugs.
    He said that salvia was different then ANY of them-\"there is no way to prepare for this drug\" he stated.

    It TOTALLY changed his enviroment-beyond any sort of reconising (sp).
    He got freaked out though becuause well lets put it this way--1.) he underextimated the drug-even after reading posts on he still thought that it wouldn\'t do anything--thus when he did the salvia he was totally cought off guard.

    2.) we packed to big of a bowl of 10X extract-portions are important here.

    and 3.) the main thing is that we where in the wrong enviroment-we should of been in a totally dark room-with maybe mellow music on. We where in a room with lots of lighjts, and other stuff to look at--this is what he grasped onto and why the room got so fucked up-becuase there where to many visuals to capture onto.

    and one more note--he was on coke when he did this--which probally caused the insance disorientation.

    My experiance was familar minus the crazy visuals--I just felt the \"force\" pushing me-and my feet felt like they where being pushed from behind me--so I felt very light and like I could move fast.
    I recived no visuals (but then agian I only smoked a small bowl of 5X)

    after my high with the salvia I decided to give the extracted mimosa rootbark a try--so I smoked a very VERY small pinch of some \"resin/extract\" and I got pretty fucked up-no visuals though (not enough smoked) yet I did feel HELLA stonned-like seriosuly 5-8 blunts smoked to myself--yet I didn\'t have the dumb feeling that pot gives you--but I had the body high.

    Anyhow I\"ll keep you all updated.
    This weekend I\'ll probally be camping with my friend and his gf and roommate--and I\'ll be takeing the woodrose seeds then (lsa), and possibly smokeing more salvia-and hopefully if time allows I\'ll be lighting a larger bowl of the \"dmt\" (mimosa rootbark extracted)

  11. Well this was my first time trying lsa--(woodrose seeds)
    I only had 4--but the ones I ordered are hella powerful.

    Anyhow my friend took 4 as well.
    no hallucenations (probally have to go to 5 or 6)
    thoughts where clearer, I felt like I was on speed or somthing (adderal e.t..c.)
    but I was able to sleep...and wake up feeling fine.
    Time went by HELLA slow--we watched a anime movie and it seemed to go on
    Um...lets see--things looked much clearer, lights, objects e.t.c.

    There was slight nausea at the beggining (happens with all psycadelics)
    but that faded quickly
    then it was all a cerebal high.
    It came in waves---so there was the high, then no high and so forth.

    NOTE: that him and I took hyroxine (anti anxiety) railed a ockycodone, and had 2 methcarbonals each.

    So the painkiller cocktail probally made the effects of the woodrose seeds--MUCH less.

    But next time I try these I\'ll be doing 5 for sure.

    I still have the extracted/liquid Dmt to do--I\'ll do that some other time.

  12. not hvaing read your entire posts I thought i\'d make some comments on what you got..having quite the green thumb and multpiple years of experience growing most of these types of plants i can tell you a few things..

    salvia extracts are great, but non standardised is a cheap doesn\'t carry even ratios of potency per gram in a batch, so you may be better off with a standardised extract...and another comment on the salvia extracts..i make my own all the time from my plants and i can tell you from experience, the look of the extract determines nothing of salvia extracts can\'t \'look good\'.

    wormwood plants only grow with high amounts of thujone (the active chemical) in certain regions of the world... and two dollars for your wormwood sounds very odd...

    extracts of thujone shouldn\'t be done..its a neurotoxin that can send one into convulsions..believe me, ive done it... absinthe itself is a bit risky as one must drink copious amounts of high proof grain alcohol to get enough thujone to feel its effects, most absinthe \"trips\" are just extreme drunkeness mixed with a wild imagination. Ive made several batches of absinthe from my several plants, and although fresh wormwood is best, dried wormwood can easily be used along with anise seed and some choice herbs to make a fine batch of emerald green absinthe....

    If you\'re interested in DMT, i\'d stay away from the bark and look into yopo seeds (Anadenanthera Peregrina) as they are quite potent and much cheaper... theyre flat pancaked seeds that are toasted until they pop into round hollow pieces..much similar to popcorn..then ground to a powder and snuff (pointless..too much needs to be insufflated) or used to further make an extract of DMT and 5-meo-DMT... from my experience these are far better than the handful of barks that have trace amounts of dimethyltryptamines...

    LSA is only remotely similar to LSD... although woodrose seeds are fun, but in no way would they have made your friend hallucinate...the effects associated with hallucinations with LSD are caused by mechanisms not present in LSA.... lysergic amides are more narcotic than hallucinogenic... and 5 seeds, although labeled as a small single dose is not much... ive taken over a dozen in one sitting on several occasions, many times ending in extreme vomitting and other times wih succesful trips..but never have i had more than a faint audio/visual hallucination which was no more intense than if i had been extremely high on pot... the nausea you probably experienced was fromthe husks of the seeds which have enzymes that stimulate the nausea center of your brain...if you peel the husk form woodrose seeds before grinding them you may not experience that in the future...
  13. well actually most halluncegitcs have a body high and a cerebal high--
    The woodrose seeds didn\'t really make me feel like I had to vomit--and plus we DID remove the outside of the seeds--

    And YES they do make you hallucinate--read my post about my friends girlfriend that took them and triped her ass off--
    what else could make her trip like that? Nothing becuase thats all she had that night.

    The Anadenanthera Peregrina seeds sound quite interesting and I\'ll look for those--sounds nice.

    And ya non standarized salvia is a little risky becuase you don\'t know really the potency ratio your getting e.t.c.

    Get this though--I went to my vitamen supplement store today and guess what?
    They have liquid form wormwood based in alchol--and some not in alcholol.
    I\'m going to get a little vile of this stuff--and check out what can happen.

    Thanks for the advice--it was nice to read.

  14. ehhhh?
  15. well what I meant by that is that lsa is stronger in terms of lasting (length)--not potency...
  16. LSA seeds, either woodrose or morning glory aren\'t stronger in any way to LSD... the peak comes on later in the trip, but both trips have roughly an equal time of duration.... the peak of an LSA trip is nowhere near as intense as even a lower end plateau of an LSD trip... and i understand you state that your friend claims to have had hallucinations of a huge perspective, but likewise my post responding to that was sort of nicely stateing that your friend is full of crap...shes lying, or having some very odd and abnormal reaction to an otherwise impotent entheogenic... like i was saying, LSA is largely narcotic rather than psychedellic...
  17. so what are the details behind this wormwood extract alcohol tincture? do you live in the US? if so i wonder how this could be legal, as alcohol based thujone extratcs (such as absinthe) are illegal to consume or be sold as a food/health product... is it sold under the guise of helping with intestinal worms or what? thats the only thing i could think of them claiming for a legitimate purpose, but still it would technically be illegal as far as i know...

  18. well there really are no details to tell ya--expect that it costs about $7.68 for a little vile of liquid with a little dropper.

    And its sold under the guise of helping with some nervous system stuff or some crap like that-I was as surprized when I saw it as you are.
    All I remember was that it was being sold for something nervous system wise and started with a \"E\" (whatever the hell it was supposed to help with)

    Quick question: If I bought this wormwood extract--how much would I need to take in drops for a good effect? And what would the effect be like from straight wormwood extract?

    NOTE: And yes I live in the US
  19. well that would depend on the potency... is this tincture simply wormwood? or are there other herbs and what not within it?...

    next time you come across it, read the back for ingredients and also the amounts (probably in mgs id assume? of eithe wormwood foliage or thujone...)

    I couldn\'t even beign to tell the potency, legality, authenticity of this stuff unless i were to see it for myself..very odd, but worth lookin into

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