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  1. May become a sensitive contravertial subject.

    Im starting to see more and more with these psychodelic drugs how they truely part you from the real world. Idk how it happens. Its like you just start thinking about things that people in a normal state of mind would never care about.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Ian Crossland - I Am Angry[/ame]

    Now this guy for example. Clearly shroomed out of his mind.
    I just dont see how someone opening up their mind like this is beneficial, you know?
    Like this guy is clearly passionate about something that is not proven or fact lol
    and im not saying all people are like this who are HxC psychonauts but like really seems like the more times you take a hit of lsd the more out there you get lol. Theres this girl i know that i used to be good friends with in like 8th grade. its senior year now im about to graduate and she asks me if i want to go snow boarding out of the blue and to bring my girlfriend with her? and this girl has started to be really hard core with the psychodelics over the past 2 years. idk im seeing a pattern and i dont like it.
    Time to find a new drug =]
  2. hmmm, this chick is "spun out" because she wants to go snowboarding with you and your gf? could turn into a threesome, so if you pass on that chance you've got issues.
    but seriously, how is that a bad thing?
  3. nah, psychedelics are probably the best drug for you if used wisely. they help you learn things instead of just taking drugs to get fucked up. thinking about things that sober people may not care about is not exactly bad.
  4. thats weird as fuck lol. I havent talked to this girl in 4 years. legit zero communication
    4 years of highschool you have to understand im not the same person lol..

    and im a pretty class guy so =] i keeps my dicks cleanss
  5. Billions of people find religion beneficial in their lives and its essentially being passionate about something that is not proven or fact... I think its comforting for people to believe in something like that, for them to think that they know what is "really" going one gives them a since of security. Same thing with psychedelics, if you think you figure something out on them your going to be passionate about that because you learned it through a unique pathway in your own head. You dont need evidence or for it to be fact. It just needs to make sense in your head. I think its great for people to leave their comfortable reality and then rely on their own brains and thought processes to make sense of it all. Its a very rewarding and exciting experience. Since when is thinking "out there" ever been considered a bad thing? Sure its not normal, but with out people thinking "out there" thought and concepts would never have advanced to the point they are at right now. This is how advances in science happen, maybe not the hallucinogens but certainly the same "out there" thinking.

    I also dont see what psychedelics have to do with your friend from the past wanting to hang out now. I do it when ever I get a chance too. With some old friends its a lost cause but with most of mine I like to hang out with them now even though they and myself have changed a lot. They are still pretty much the same people I enjoyed spending time with back then, why would I not enjoy spending time with them now and sharing stories/experiences from over the years? I think its neat you made such a lasting impression on her and she is still interested in your life.:hello:
  6. yeah this is 100% true. she might just want to be friends again.... how is that bad at all? i try to do that whenever i want to make a new friend or get to know someone better i do that. does that mean i'm crazy? nooooo. i'm just a nice dude. you're being way too critical of people who are being nice to you lol and critical of people who want to pioneer an idea that makes sense to them. so many things we know now and are part of our everyday lives came from people just like you and me through an altered state of mind....
  7. Psychedelics unlock a lot of mental power that you never knew you had. You can learn more in a trip than you ever did in years and years of school. You can, and in high enough doses almost certainly will, have profound revelations about the world.

    However, with this increase in mental power also comes an increase in imagination so some of the things you'll be thinking about will be a bit too far "out there" and will in reality just be silly and absurd. But many of the things you think about will, when analyzed in a more sober state, be entirely true although you had never realized them or looked at things from that perspective before.

    What you're doing is suggesting that anything that's foreign to you or that doesn't make sense to you is bad. Psychedelics are the drugs of intellectuals and many of the greatest minds throughout history have made use of them. Just because you can't identify with or understand it does not make it nonsensical.

    (With that said I didn't watch the video in question since I can't on this particular computer. I'm just speaking on psychedelics in general.)
  8. that guy is fuckin crazy
  9. Just because it seems foreign and 'false' to you, it doesn't mean when I have gained unforseen knowledge that shows truth to a theory that it's false.

    That's what's wrong with the world today, Nobody can except change or difference.
  10. but just taking any substance doesnt allow you to gain unforseen knowledge lol
    it doesnt work that way
    everything is relative
    Hard Work is how you gain knowledge.
  11. Yes, actually it can.

    It alters your perception of the world. A new perspective can make you gain knowledge in a way that someone who has never really tried it will most likely never be able to comprehend.

    And I don't know what you think psychedelics are like but it is hard work, mentally. (Which is not to say that your original statement about "hard work" was in any way logical or founded upon anything.)
  12. but what is knowledge in that sense?
    its more of just seeing things through another light i wouldnt call that knowledge as you could just be tripping and retarded lol.

    like im seeing it more and more as something to believe in and its really more of a good thing, just not for me.
  13. I am guessing you've never taken mushrooms or LSD and such. I would like to shed some light on seeing things differently. As Meursault stated, psychedelics are hard work. Anyone who's taken a decent amount can tell you that. You're "tearing" away from reality, to a new place, with new perceptions, and new feelings. You are given a different perspective on life.

    Let's say you're actively engaging in an activity. While in this activity, you're solely focused on whatever you are doing. Afterwards you look back and decide if you did a good enough job or not. This is not something you can judge while doing the activity, you're too busy to think about that.

    Maybe it's not the best comparison, but life is an activity. You take a "break" through let's say mushrooms as that is all I have done. Things change, thought process changes, and you can reflect on certain areas of your life, sometimes, really quickly. Things that you needed to put behind you - poof - gone. I feel like I've accelerated some learning when in the alternate plane. Not to mention the beautiful visuals you get to see :hello:

    The point is, you always return to normal. You take out of the trip what you need to or what it has you take. I personally have always learned something about life or myself. When the moment is right, it is time to reflect on life and clear my mind, to refresh myself.
  14. but i have taken them lol
  15. Psychedelics are different for everyone, some people can handle them, some people can't. They don't do anything to you that you don't let them, it's all in your mind.

    Just because someone uses and likes them doesn't mean that they are "out there", it just means they found something that they enjoy.. If someone thought that you were "out there" because you smoke more weed now than you did when you first started, what would you say?
  16. they basically said it all. psychedelics are the tools of thinkers, philosophers, intellectuals, etc etc. they are actually very hard work because once you start to come down you feel physically drained but you have learned so much if your dose was right. hope you can change your mind on these substances because they really are a gift to mankind and might one day save us from ourselves :D
  17. I really liked that video. For a dude shroomed out, he was articulating VERY clearly. And just the level of passion about him was intense.

    Although I do't agree with building a platform in geosynchronous orbit, with space elevators going up to it, for the purpose of mining the moon :rolleyes:

    And I really don't see how psychedelics play into somebody randomly inviting yo uand your gf for a boarding trip, Just sounds like shes tryin gto get reaquainted with a friend.

    On a side note, does anybody know the movie which some clips were in there? And im not talking about charlie and the chocolate factory =P
  18. network 1976
    also seen in zietgeist
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    I sincerely doubt that chances are high that it's exclusively an "only in your head thing." :)

  20. Well said for the most part.


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