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Ethnicity and buying weed help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SMKE, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. the first man to smoke weed was asian;. or at least the oldest known stash is in china

  2. Nowadays, any asians who smokes are looked upon as black wannabes.
  3. what do you mean a black wannabe, there are plenty of successful black people.

  4. what? says who?

  5. I said ASIANS who smokes are viewed as black wannabe meaning pretending/trying to be black.
  6. I'm tellin you man, da uzi nine milameeta

  7. wow:rolleyes:
  8. lol, one of my best connects for weed was from a Korean dude.
  9. My good friends cousin picks up from an asian guy, and hes got bangin bud
  10. Damn, thats how they get down in Canada? :eek:
  11. OP just wanted everyone to know he's asian..

  12. No, I wanted to know how much harder it is to buy weed being asian.
  13. its not harder at all, idk why you think that
  14. this one dispensary i went to thought i was a undercover lmao.(for a picture image, imagine a dispensary of al black people and asian me.)

    pretty much weed smoking is more common now so people just are surprised how much i smoke.

    if u don't act nervous you'll be good.but i don't buy from randoms....:confused::confused::smoke:
  15. ask an asian anything ftw????:confused::smoke:
  16. you carry a ninja sword stfu op
  17. I'm Asian and I've actually bought weed in Toronto. But it was from someone I kinda knew, not some random dude off the street. It wasn't cured all that well but it was sticky as fuck. I already sucked at rolling joints back then so the fact that it stuck to every goddamn thing in the world didn't make it any easier.

    But it was tasty and smoked and got me stoned.

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