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Ethnicity and buying weed help

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SMKE, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. Are there any Asians here, who had past experiences of buying weed (in Toronto)?

    Is it harder to buy weed being an Asian...

    I want to go to toronto tomorrow to buy some but I am worried about being attacked etc.
  2. What does race have to do with anything? More like are you really small and skinny?
  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  4. You have nothing to worry about.
  5. Are you people even asian?

    It sucks being asian
  6. um....... i really doubt anyones gonna careXD theres racist everywhere, but youre not gonna find a place where everyone hates all types of asains. thats ridiculous

    And to answer your question above, yes i am asain
  7. you'll be alright. if you are trying to buy weed, dealers will sell it to you. end of story. they don't give two shits who you are or where you are from
  8. Lol I love grasscity
  9. Man up bro. If you're going to get attacked you're going to get attacked. Either you're dealing with someone who wants to do business or someone who is out to steal. Doesn't matter if you're Asian. I will tell you however people don't like dealing with paranoid types.
  10. as long as your dealer doesnt look like this i think you'll be fine.
  11. sooo because youre asian you cand buy weed.
    by that logic every black person smokes

  12. No, because I know there aren't alot of asian smokers.
  13. I know a few asian smokers. :smoke: But then again I don't know many people who smoke in general.
    Bro I don't think race will matter for smoking, if you point out to you're dealer that you're uncomfortable being an asian smoker he will definitely milk on that insecurity. Just act "normal" (if there is a normal :D) and you'll be okay. :smoke:
  14. Bring an uzi with you for a lil backup
  15. Money is Money
  16. Lol, so you plan on going to Toronto to randomly find a dealer on the street? That's hardcore for an asian man.

    I'm asian too, I sympathize. (cali medical ftw)
  17. I agree with you dude.
  18. Dude, if there's one place you're not going to be attacked or discriminated against its Canada
  19. also if I find someone who will sell me some tomorrow, how do I ask him how to contact him in the future (to get some more).
  20. Make a quick stop before you hit the streets...

    [ame=]arnold buys guns - YouTube[/ame]

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