Ethics are a thing of the past it seems...

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    In my 2 years and 3 months of weed smoking I've been robbed a total of $110... this is nothing compared to my friends and other's I hear about.

    It seems like now people don't have morals and see nothing wrong with taking the money and running, or selling fake shit, or even jumping people when they are trying to buy weed.

    I seem to be the only person I know who doesn't do dick shit and rob kids... like this dude wanted 2g's for $30 and I had no money or weed so I told him if he fronted me the shit I could give it to him the next day.

    He gave me the money, then the next day I couldn't get shit so I gave the money back to him. When I told my friends this, they responded with "WTF? WHY DIDN'T YOU KEEP THE MONEY?"

    I wouldn't be able to do that. I'd feel like such a tool. I'd just think about what if that was me fronting the money? I'd feel like shit if someone I trusted with my hard earned money just stole it from me...

    What has happened to us as a society? Why is everyone so fucked up now? You can't trust anyone it seems nowadays.
  2. Look for new friends.
  3. It's not just my friends...

    Around my area you hear about people getting robbed or beat for fake shit more than people getting legit bud.
  4. I've lost over 10,000
    also made much more so I can't complain.
    it's how the game is unfortunately, when it's all decriminialized and theyre is clubs where you can get your buds it'll be much safer and better.
  5. Do you think people are concerned with ethics when they are selling an illegal substance :p
  6. yea i've been robbed a number of times.... it's just the game around here...everyone's hungry and everyone's jealous if you're doing more than them
  7. Yeah, I mean like, at least be chill and don't rob people.

    I've sold/sell shit and am still concerned about ethics... it just seems that you can't trust anyone...
  8. isnt that incentive enough to change society? thats the way i look at it, inspiration.
  9. I feel you on that dude...

  10. That's the game my friend.

    Everyone is aware of the risks of buying/selling drugs.

    Half of the "I got robbed" stories I hear would not have happened if it was not for the trusting nature of the buyer.
  11. Yeah, humans suck. This is why I am a hermit. I like a peaceful quiet life with no drama. Life is too short for inter-human bullshit. Thankfully my girlfriend is just like me. :)

  12. I completely agree, you talking about ethics and drug dealing, the two words are not usually synonymous with one another. "There is no right or wrong, merely consequences to our actions." I try to know who I buy from/sell too, if I don't 100% trust a person or situation I won't go. You just need to use your judgement and common sense.

  13. this dude is on some other shit
  14. Say what? I dont do drugs. Just smoke weed. :cool:

  15. We have a winner.
  16. As someone else said, look for new friends. Hang out with more mature people instead of poor fiends.

    I've also learned this the hard way.
  17. right an wrong our of our own inventions. the mean something different to everyone. whats right to me may be wrong to you.

  18. Exactly, they are contrived from our own personal experiences and notions and therefore no universal parameters can be set upon them for global society as a whole to accept. They cannot truly exist, the only universal way to measure what one does then is to asses the consequences for any given circumstance and base your actions accordingly.... wow... I just realized I could debate this for hours, I think it'll make a good paper for later so I'll just leave this for now. This debate belongs on the philosophy boards anyways.
  19. Money > Ethics.

    95% of the time that holds true, so remember that.

    Selling drugs really isn't about being an ethical person as much as making money. If you don't like it then either start growing or find a new and better dealer.
  20. you should always kno the people your makin moves with-im the same way when it comes to bud-i can trust my friends to hold money for trees or vice versa-i wouldnt trust anyone with it just the close ones i grew up with- make sure u can trust someone first -especially if there new dont buy/sell more than 20 worth if your in an open area.

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