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Ethical Dilemma (NEED URGENT HELP)

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by BloodSweatTears, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Ok, so I started researching/purchasing stuff to grow mj about a week ago and I donated a lot of time and money to it. I planned on it simply being an outdoor grow, but it's grown to an indoor/outdoor grow; I'm starting them indoor and transferring to an outdoor guerilla spot in which I spent about an hour tunneling through a sticker bush with a chainsaw to grow in the middle of it. I bought 5 fem ak-48 from nirvana, a bag of ffof, and a bunch of other shit. I had the seeds germinated and about one day from sprouting under cfls. Long story short, my pops found this grow room that I had going on and really kindly asked me to let them go. He figured I was going to grow them all inside. I was really close to just stomping the whole thing, but I keep thinking about all the time and money. I'm thinking that I could just get rid of the seeds and call it $50 lost, then going ahead and saving all the supplies for a another time in life. My GF is telling me to let them go and some of my friends tell me to still go through with it. I really don't want to let this go and I still want to do this. To keep myself going through the sticker bush I kept telling myself, "Blood Sweat and Tears, comon keep going."; Is this the tears part I was talking about or is this all just a faded dream?

    I know I haven't been around too long, GC, but I really need your help in deciding whether to forfeit all my invested time and money or go against my Dad and Gf.
  2. Of course your dad is right you know!...Sounds like you have a good thing going with dad and you don't want to lose that trust. You sound intellegent enough to make the right decision without the help of your peers. Do this outside if that's what you want to do and remember you have the rest of your life if you do postpone for the time being.
  3. Sorry man,...I have no respect for folks growing (w/o) permission in their parents house. You've been bagged already and are still considering it?? Wow,...that's gratitude for ya,...... I hope my kids respect me more than that.

    Just a thought, why risk just his home? You could throw some weed on the floor of his car too,...maybe he'll get pulled over soon :rolleyes:
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    I almost always agree with you.. and it's not much different here. A bit, yes, but bare with me..

    Gorwing in your parents house without permission is not cool.. Disrespectful. Now if you actually TELL people.. Oh man, your putting their fucking ASS on the line. If you hadn't told shit for anyone, not even your girl.. I'd almost say, give them 10 days veg.. And then move them. I mean, really, unless you have an apartment and your getting an inspection soon, how could you possibly get caught? But you should feel pretty guilty for doing it, but that's sort a part of the business in my experience. Don't DOOON'T risk your parents freedom so you can get high. Move you growbox to a friend house if they're so cool with it. Ha.

    If you gonna grow them, transplant ASAP. If you won't not grow them, at least have the decency to not have them around for long.

    Edit- LBH. On a related note, i'm growing in my fathers house with his permission. He's pretty cool, heh...
  5. True,...vegging for a few weeks under flouros doesn''t require an elaborate grow room,....get them somewhere where the home owners are ok with fostering them for a few weeks more.


    Explain to your dad your plans (he sounds pretty damn cool, my kids head would be through a window if it were me,lol_) and ask if you can keep them there for the minimal amount of time. Have an "out by" date ready so he knows you're not just stringing him.
  6. For real, any normal parent I always thought, would walk around the house looking for grow materials to destroy. I know more then a few fathers who would kick your ass while dissassembling your grow box, or whatever. I'm surprised he didn't make you do it then and there.
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    Why weren't you honest with your dad in the first place?

    you should tell him that you have no intention of growing the plants in his house, and compromising his safety with your criminal endeavours, and that you intend to move the plants ASAP to an outdoor grow that won't incriminate him at all.

    If you explained that you don't won't to deal with criminal dealers, its unsafe and expensive etc etc, he might not mind that your going to be growing outdoor. He'd probably appreciate your honesty as well.

    EDIT:holy shit so much gin & Cones, all spelling corrected
  8. Now that's what I call a hell of a spankin....:wave:
  9. Where is this brier patch? Why are we assuming that growing in your parents' house is not OK, but growing outdoors without knowing on whose property automatically is OK?

    My vote is don't grow, your Dad told you not to. Indoor vs. outdoor, my property vs. your property, etc no longer matters. If you are living under his roof then respect his rules and wishes, whether that's for activities under his roof or not.
  10. Wait untill you either get the ok of your dad or when you get your own place. You are risking your fathers home if you get caught. is it worth it. I totaly agree with LBH and you will find most in here do. Its just not cool, period. If I were your father and i caught you growing would be getting your own place sooner than you think.
  11. Very interesting replies guys. Let me dish out a bit more info. Theres absolutely no way I can continue the grow inside at all; I've already put the plants outside and they're probably going to die anyways. I'm not some little kid living in his parents house, I was growing in an abandoned part of our workplace and my pops, also my business partner, found them and asked me to get rid of them. There's no way I can convince my pops to let me even do this outdoors, he'd be too paranoid about the consequences. This sticker bush is about a miles walk from the workplace in an old forrest that was once used for 4x4s; My grow spot is priceless guys, and I'm sure I could do this without my dad or anybody else finding out about it, but now it's just a matter of deciding whether or not to go behind my dad's back or not. I'm almost sure I'm going to put this thing behind me for now, but just crushing those little plants is going to crush me. :(
  12. He even left the CFLs on :p
  13. What the fuck does your dad have to do with the grow?

    Personally i dont think your ready to grow as both your father and your girlfriend know about it so you already broke rule one. Twice.

    That aside. Again what the fuck does your dad have to do with your grow? Your an adult arnt you? Dont be a shit of a son and grow on his property because he can get in trouble for it if anything should happen involving the law (which is now 3 times as likely because 3 times the amount of people know about your grow)

    But i dont see why you cant grow in this spot you mentioned about a mile away from your workplace. Tell our dad and your girlfriend that you abandoned the grow. Dont be suss for the next month or so. Go about with your grow and be careful ffs.
  14. Hahaha this is where my opinion differs.. You live in his home.. fine.. Don't fuck around in his home.. But are you going to stop toking? Noooo. I'm sure he HATES that about as much as growing... So don't smoke in his house. Don't grow in his house. Doesn't mean you should stop toking or growing, if you get my drift..;)

    I see no reason why going behind his back would matter. Are you CERTAIN you can't get either of you in massive trouble? Then.. well, what dad doesn't know won't hurt him.

    Just don't disrespect him by growing in his home or anything.

    Ps- I mean, I took flak for a few years when I was smoking weed daily and I lived at home with the other portion of my family. Never stopped me. I didn't smoke inside. I was putting no one at risk but myself.. Why stop? Bah.. Alot of shit is illegal but that doesn't mean it's wrong.. Now, growing in his house when he asked you not to.. Is illegal AND wrong.. Don't do that.
  15. I am well aware that I can easily go about the grow, but like the title says, this is a question of ethics and respect; that's the whole question here. Still not sure what I'm going to do. The plants are outside still seeding and it's going to rain today; they probably won't even survive. The poll is about 50/50 and I still don't have a definite answer. I'll let the posts go on for today then I'll decide based on the poll.
  16. Out of sheer respect for my parents , I NEVER brought weed into their house. I would never conciter growin it in their house. Its THEIR house. They paid fot it . I lived there. Started smoking full time when I started working. so I just hid it in my car and never said anything. They both knew I smoked. We agreed I would never bring a problem related to my smoking into the house or I was out. That was fair and I never did. You dont have to quit. Just be smart about it. Growing your own will come. Its been arround for thousands of years , i am sure it will still be here when your cirumstances get better, Dont disrespect your family. Their the only one you have and you will pay for it if you do.
  17. Alright I'll toss my two cents in.... You're obviously interested and committed to starting a grow, you've found a good spot, put in some prep work. Realistically even if you waste the seeds it's not a huge loss, so why let that stop you from doing something you seem to be really interested in doing?

    I more than understand not wanting to disrespect your father, but lets be honest, every single one of us has to hide what we do to some extent or another. My grow is a legal MMJ grow, and I still don't tell people about it. Some of my friends and family wouldn't understand, and the less people who know about any grow the better in any case.

    I started growing about six months ago and have found an absolutely wonderful fulfilling hobby for myself. You may get real enjoyment out of growing (as well as some great bud) There's something about nurturing plants, and helping them flourish.

    In short I think you should respect dear old dad's wishes, move your seedlings, and continue with your grow plans. You might like it.

  18. If its a matter of ethics then your going about it the wrong way. What we as a collective group say is meaningless because that is our moralistic viewpoint. You have your own whether you've discovered them yet or not.

    Anywhos i kinda went on a tangent. What i was trying to get across without sounding ignorant or even arrogant was:

    Out of respect for your father, keep that stuff out of his home and general vicinity.

    You smoke right? They dont like that im sure? I bet you've done plenty of other stuff that your oldies arnt too crash hot about as well, some were good decisions (like Maryjane) Others not so good.. You should make up your mind as you go based on your experiences of the things you try.

    If your interested in growing and cant see any real chance of negative repercussions for you or anyone else, and have the ability to grow i dont see why you shouldn't. If shit hits the fan though, its on your head no one else's and as long as your aware of that from the get go then i say your fine to grow.

    And i wouldn't let the results of a poll done by a very assorted group of individuals effect your judgement on this decision all too heavily..
  19. Wish I had read the post before voting(lesson learned).

    You took a big risk and putting your partnership/business at risk was pretty bad.

    Keep a distant eye on your briarpatch and see if it gets discovered. It'll be there when you are better prepared.
  20. That's just not true. First off, it's not up to each of us to decide for ourselves if we can or cannot "see any real chance of negative repercussions for you or anyone else." If all it took was our own individual assessments, and that was right every time, then the only people who would ever get busted are those who wanted to (which is to say, no one). The reality is that the law works the way the law works regardless of how a potential grower may think about it, and in some jurisdictions growing in your parents' house or on their property can get them in tons of trouble, possibly even losing their house.

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